November stats moment: Windows 10 still masters the market, Edge and Safari browsers on the rise

Alexander Schmid

December 3, 2023 at 6:33 p.m.


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What are the most used operating systems and desktop browsers in the world? The answer in numbers.

StatCounter has published market share figures for the main versions of Windows for PC and desktop web browsers for the month of November. And we are seeing some interesting trends.

Windows 11 is rising (very) slowly

In terms of desktop OS, Windows continues to largely dominate the computer fleet, accumulating more than three times more users than macOS. ChromeOS and Linux remain on the margins, claiming less than 2% market share each.

If we zoom in on the Windows PC segment, it is Windows 10 which largely dominates: this version represents 68% of computers using Microsoft’s system. Windows 11 follows with 26.66% of machines, but struggles to recruit new users, gaining only 0.46 points compared to October.

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Windows 11 remains far from Windows 10 © StatCounter

Now in a very small minority, Windows 7 (3.16%), Windows 8.1 (1.34%) and Windows XP (0.46%) complete the top 5.

Safari and Edge eat into Chrome

As far as browsers are concerned, Chrome remains the undisputed boss on desktop with its 61.94% market share, even if we see a significant drop of almost 5 points over one year. If we take into account all platforms, its reign is even more impressive thanks to its performance on Android, the most used OS in the world.

This small mishap on desktop devices benefits Safari, which reaches 13.3% market share. Apple’s browser is regaining color: after reaching a peak in June 2023, it experienced a continuous decline until September.

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Chrome crushes the competition © StatCounter

Microsoft Edge claims 11.19% of the desktop market, its all-time high after a low in the spring and summer. The integration of Copilot may have something to do with it.

For the rest, Mozilla Firefox is content with 6.66% market share, while Opera peaks at 4.59%.

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