Now with a steering wheel: Apple is reducing goals for autonomous cars

Now with a steering wheel
Apple is scaling back targets for autonomous cars

There has long been speculation about Apple’s car plans. As is now known, the iPhone manufacturer is backing down. He is revising his “Project Titan” – and is apparently planning a steering wheel and pedals for his car.

According to an agency report, Apple has scaled back its ambitions for a self-driving electric car and pushed back the target date to 2026. As Bloomberg reports, there has been uncertainty at Apple about “Project Titan” for several months. The group has realized that the ambitious plan is currently not technologically feasible.

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According to Bloomberg, the project has been revised. Now it includes a steering wheel and pedals, and autonomous driving capabilities are said to only exist on highways. So far, Apple has planned to build a car with “Level 5” autonomy, which corresponds to a level of autonomy that no carmaker has managed to date.

There has been speculation about Apple’s car plans for years, and the scope of the project has apparently changed several times. In early 2021, it was reported that the group was working with South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor to build a car under the Apple brand. Bloomberg later reported that Apple accelerated the development process.

Apple has not yet received any comment. Apple shares fell 2.4 percent in late US trade. The tech stock market Nasdaq also fell by the same amount.

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