NRJ host Manu Levy assigned to industrial tribunal for “moral harassment”

Four former colleagues of Manu Levy, star host of NRJ, have assigned him to the industrial tribunal for “moral harassment”, which he contests, we learned on Tuesday from the different parties, confirming information from Libération.

In addition, Valentin Chevalier and Isabelle Giami are asking NRJ “for the reclassification (of their contract) to a permanent contract, and Aude Fraineau is asking for reminders of overtime,” said their lawyer Pierre Vignal.

“All of them saw their health damaged, they were arrested”

A hearing has been set for September 16, said the lawyer, who also represents Pauline Bordja. Everyone criticizes Manu Levy, at the helm of the radio morning show since 2011, for “extreme control” and “an immense workload”, according to Me Vignal.

“All of them saw their health damaged, they were arrested, and all suffered career damage,” he told AFP, affirming that the harassment was “the determining factor” in their departure from the radio station.

The host refutes the facts with which he is burdened

The host of “Manu dans le 6-10”, for his part, “categorically refutes all the facts with which (he is) overwhelmed”. “In 13 seasons on NRJ, I have not been aware of any complaint concerning me. Over the last 10 years, Valentin Chevalier has stayed for 8 years, Isabelle Giami for 5 years,” he underlined in a statement sent to the AFP.

Gaël Sanquer, deputy director of musical media for the NRJ group, criticized the “black, caricatured and misleading picture” drawn up.

Another star host, Sébastien Cauet, has been removed from the NRJ station since November, after the opening of an investigation for “rape of a minor over 15 years old and rape”. He took the radio station to court to seek compensation and the decision is expected on May 7.

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