Nu-Project: Everyone is beautiful!

In their “Nu-Project” the photographers Matt Blum and Katy Kessler show how diverse nude photography can be. What exactly is it about? At the core of a very banal fact that one loses sight of too quickly: Everyone is beautiful and no body is really perfect. Matt and Katy visit their models at home and photograph them naked in their familiar surroundings – without make-up, artificial poses, lighting tricks or subsequent retouching. Only the person should be the focus, with their particularities, their personality and their own charisma.

Professional models are not welcome, all participants are volunteers who have contacted the photographers via the internet. “Anyone who takes part in a photo session receives the image files afterwards, and that’s it. Participation is completely voluntary,” says Katy Kessler when asked by BRIGITTE. The result: natural, authentic portraits of people who don’t care whether a wrinkle or a pillow is visible.

The project became a surprise online success in 2005 and was able to collect more than enough money for the photo book “The Nu Project – Vol. 1” through a crowdfunding campaign. After over 150 people had taken part in the project in North and South America alone, inquiries also increased from Europe.

Despite the higher production costs, Matt and Katy ventured across the Atlantic for another series and flew to Berlin, Copenhagen and Warsaw. 30 participants were photographed in just over two weeks – not much time for each of the models. Nevertheless, all women exude the self-confident serenity that makes the “Nu Project” so worth seeing.

The illustrated book “The Nu Project“can also be ordered directly from the official website.

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