Nuki Keypad 2.0: a code keypad with fingerprint reader to unlock connected locks

Like most connected objects, the locks use a smartphone and a manufacturer’s application to operate. In the case of Nuki, which markets its Smart Lock models, this goes through the phone’s Bluetooth or even wifi, depending on the model, or when a gateway is used to relay the home wireless network.

The brand also offers a code keypad that unlocks the door without a key or smartphone, the Keypad. Nuki has just unveiled the second version of this keyboard, the Keypad 2.0, which has the particularity of integrating a fingerprint reader in order to unlock its door with a gesture that has become common thanks to the many smartphones and computers that carry this type of device. .

Once the fingerprint has been configured, all you have to do is place your finger on the device to trigger the opening, a faster procedure than looking for the keys, entering a code or using a smartphone, since It only takes three seconds to complete the operation. At each pass, the device takes the opportunity to refine the recognition of the fingerprint.

20 fingerprints or 200 storable codes

It is possible to record several fingerprints, in order to opt for one of the fingers available when you come to the door; this should also be useful for large families, who can memorize up to 20 different fingerprints. You can also store 200 six-digit codes.

On the security side, Nuki explains that the storage of fingerprints and codes is done on the Smart Lock lock and not in the code box. On the other hand, the absence of the number zero is voluntary, the manufacturer thus wishing to encourage users not to enter codes that are too easy to guess, such as the years of birth.

Unlocking with a fingerprint will be used more for regular use, especially for people who do not have a smartphone or do not wish to use one, such as children or the elderly. The presence of revocable codes may be useful in the event of troubleshooting or to give access to the home to a third party, staff or tenants for example.

The Nuki Keypad 2.0 is compatible with Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 and Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. It is powered by four AAA batteries for an estimated battery life of 12 months. The sale will take place soon at the recommended public price of 159 €. The old Keypad, without a fingerprint reader, remains available at a price of €79.

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