Numerology: your forecasts for the week from January 25 to 31, 2021: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Personal year 1: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Winning challenge. Without putting all your strength into it, you manage to find the right words, the right recipes to establish communication plans. Better not to go through intermediaries, because you get what you want. Love is full blossoming, the horizon is clear.

Personal year 2: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Delayed actions. You can anticipate everything except last minute delays. As a result, you have to work more and sometimes work overtime. You must start on a solid footing to face this period of constant effort.

Personal year 3: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Disillusionment and amorous impulses. You think you are relying on something concrete, but everything hangs by a thread, be more realistic and objective. As a couple, the climate is good, you make up for lost time and decide to break with the monotony (shopping, going out). Single, the temptation is great.

Personal year 4: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Harmony comes first. The atmosphere in your workplace is not to displease you, the links are getting closer. Maybe also a new status? At home, you have only one desire, stay with your own. Single, you want to find love as soon as possible.

Personal year 5: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Be insightful. You are not immune to a turnaround at work, just take a step back from events. In a Relationship, the climate is not for reconciliations, but for indifference. Single, a visit to a cultural place has a surprise in store for you.

Personal year 6: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Love at work. You go beyond prejudices and try maneuvers to achieve your ends on the pro side. In a Relationship, you do an about-face, but always fall back in agreement with your partner. Single, you are trying romantic approaches with a superior.

Personal year 7: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Pull yourself together! Everything that annoys you, your tasks and your coworkers is swept up. As a couple, like a chameleon, you go from laughter to tears. Single, you have the hope of meeting true love, but beware of lures and dispersion.

Personal year 8: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Mission accomplished. Whether you are launching a brand, project or event, you will be on all fronts and ready to transform testing successfully. At home, think more about the spouse and the children who are waiting for you. Single, you are noticed at work.

Personal year 9: forecasts for the week of January 25, 2021

Money in the crosshairs. Protection hovers above you. Question work, continue your work without worry. In a Relationship, it is the fusion of feelings, the time has come for reconciliation. Single, a great meeting is in the cards, know how to look around you.

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BONUS: How to calculate your personal year?

To determine your personal year, take your date of birth. Add up your: day + month of birth + 5 for 2021, then reduce the total to a single digit between 1 and 9. Example: if you were born on 10/18. This gives 1 + 8 + 1 + 0 + 5 = 15 or 1+ 5 = 6. Your personal year is: 6

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of January 18, 2021

Personal year 1: daring bet. Your vision of things is sometimes wrong, you go off on the hats without realizing all the consequences. As a couple, the atmosphere remains friendly and cheerful, you think about having fun. Single, beware of excess and shaky stories.

Personal year 2: human warmth. Above all, you benefit from the trust and favor of your employer. Quantify your demands and propose them, the promises are kept. Among couples, the atmosphere is good and the home is privileged. Single, you have a flair for finding the rare pearl.

Personal year 3: loss of power. You go it alone and do not want to give your opinion on changes within your company. You need bearing supports. As a couple, you have little motivation for cuddly moments. Single, you are looking for the inaccessible.

Personal year 4: key rewards. Good results result from your sector of activity, bringing additional resources (bonus, promotion). As a couple, no time to give your partner time slots (setback). At work, for singles, the atmosphere is ready for flirtation ….

Personal year 5: permanent dissatisfaction. What a long way to get there! You are passionate about your work, but an internship would complement your training. In a Relationship, you are sensitive and sensitive and you quickly feel sorry for yourself. Single, the passion is there, but it is fleeting.

Personal year 6: tone and efficiency. It’s a week to establish your position in your job, canvassing and doing business. As a couple, your backdrop is like an ideal family. Single, feeling is your essential asset, take the opportunity to spot a lonely soul.

Personal year 7: love in the sights. At work, you give your voice and share your disagreements. As a couple, you are in cocooning mode, nothing is too good for your darling. Single, you are determined to take the first step and to try approaches. An old story can resurface.

Personal year 8: guaranteed success. Whatever you do, success is guaranteed. This is a second chance for you to apply for a job, take an exam, contest or apply. In love, you use your talent as a speaker to seduce and obtain what you desire.

Personal year 9: well-guarded values. Conscientious, you manage to save the recipes that work in your business, which makes you a wise person. Financially, expect budget cuts. In love, it's safe, you are too busy.

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of January 11, 2021

Personal year 1: Winning bet. You are in the process of making a success of the bets. It is with ease that you access the desiderata of your hierarchy or your customers. Set the scene and you will be rewarded. In the couple, exchanges are fluid. For singles, it's a lovers waltz.

Personal year 2: Overload of work. It’s in a rush that you are working this week, the tasks are piling up and you are unable to cope with this massive amount of work. However, a reward may be at the end. In love, you lack time for intimate moments.

Personal Year 3: Nothing is stopping you. You are moving forward and nothing is holding you back. You think positive and everything smiles on you. At work, the atmosphere is good and your activities are in full swing. On the heart side, couples go out and have fun. Single, you frolic and seize opportunities to please yourself.

Personal year 4: Resumption in hand. In the professional field, your commitment is strong. As a couple, you alone will know the recipe for happiness, because everything related to your tribe comes first. Single, it is by being receptive to the slightest signs of destiny that the magic operates.

Personal year 5: Flight forward. Why do you want to create a vacuum around you at all costs? Cautious, you anticipate actions. Just a little fleeting discomfort. As a couple, you take a step back with your partner. Single, the intellect can hit the nail on the head and hit you hard.

Personal year 6: Resources. The sector in which you operate is both promising and very exciting, lift the foot. As a couple, your projects see happy outcomes, improvement of your living environment and your resources. Single, a powerful man arouses your curiosity.

Personal year 7: Reorganization. No doubt a reorganization, a colleague who is leaving, another who is rising in rank. Work relationships must be protected, make allies. As a couple, each preserves himself and sometimes empties his bag. Single, exoticism suits you with a journey in perspective.

Personal Year 8: Roll up your sleeves. You have the fishing, your actions are decisive. The beginnings of a new project are taking shape. As a couple, you make arrangements to be more present at home. Single, stay tuned, love via social media just seems right on your mind.

Personal year 9: Home above all. You are perfect in the performance of your duties and want to be faultless, a bonus awaits you. As a couple, you spend on your cozy nest and please your other half and your children. Single, you may have already spotted the future chosen one.

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of January 4, 2021

Personal year 1: idyllic week. The professional sphere is very calm, without particular interest, it is routine. As a couple, you choose to reserve moments of tenderness and love for your spouse. Single, now is the time to find the partner who will delight your heart.

Personal year 2: positive attitude. Everything you touch turns into a positive. Communication is good and creativity is at its peak. Regarding the love context, couples find a happy outcome to their request and singles are full of charm and magnetism.

Personal year 3: complicated period. Nothing is easy, you have to get your work done in record time and it is not that easy. Overloaded with tasks or looking for a job, strive to take action. Loves lack inspiration, so to speak, dead calm.

Personal year 4: engaging week. Nothing can stop you, you are immersed in a job that requires a total investment, but is paying off. Good business dynamics. As a couple, the expenses are more numerous (substantial purchases). Single, you rethink your wardrobe.

Personal year 5: back to reality. You take matters into your own hands and try to maintain a balance between work and home. You may be asked for more than usual in the professional world. As a couple, readjust your schedule, it's racing. Single, a mad desire to seduce.

Personal year 6: crisis unit. Why piss off, classify certain files and simply let time take effect, the changes will take place in spite of you, As a couple, you sort, purify your interior and empty your cupboards and your mind. Singles, surprise meeting possible.

Personal year 7: fasten your seat belts. You will take off as the right influx gives you the energy you need to introduce new projects. Single, you go the extra mile and redouble your tips to find a suitable partner. In a Relationship, you continue your momentum.

Personal year 8: questioning. You are particularly anxious because professional matters torment you, yet there is nothing to worry about. As a couple, the whole household exhausts you, you seek tranquility and peace. Single, a transformation is taking place.

Personal year 9: controversial influx. The energy is fluctuating and the dispersion in focus. Change of course in work and business. In love, awakening your curiosity where happiness is sometimes like a wisp, nothing can stop you. Distractions occupy your mind more than feelings.

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of December 28, 2020

Personal year 1: good start. This new cycle offers good long-term career prospects. Initiatives pay off, work remunerates… Finances are recovering with the inflow of money. Side feelings: a meeting for singles, a reorganization and projects for couples are to be expected.

Personal year 2: search for balance. Unity is strength. Sharing, collaboration and mutual aid are essential both at work and at home. On the program: pursuit of professional activities, strengthening of friendships and love. Serious meeting for singles and total harmony for couples (baby, house).

Personal year 3: originality and lightness. Everything is simpler, the atmosphere is pleasant, marked by festive, friendly and open moments. The work is interesting, more creative, with a good return. On the private side, entertainment, trips and joyous interludes are silly. No clouds on the horizon for couples. Single, adventures are in sight.

Personal year 4: achievement and solidity. When it comes to work, determination is essential to accomplish the tasks entrusted to you. You will be faced with obligations (increased activity, but the rewards). The poorly available duets strive to maintain cordial ties. For singles, the meeting will take place at work or in the entourage.

Personal year 5: liberation movement. It's a good year professionally, it heralds favorable changes. You get out of complicated situations and turn the negative into the positive. Relationships make all the difference. In love, singles experience fleeting adventures, as for couples, they change their habits.

Personal year 6: responsibilities and duties. Adjustments remain to be made on the professional and private side. You will have more work to do and more responsibilities. At home, it is the same (children, spouse, parents) ask you for advice and help. Singles have the opportunity to have a great love story.

Personal year 7: awareness. Your psyche is disrupted due to a life that no longer really matches your state of mind. The questioning of your career and romantic relationships is often linked to your existential questions. Feeling love at first sight or being drawn to someone different is possible.

Personal year 8: professional consecration. You will no doubt be caught in a whirlwind of activity. Good results are to be expected in the professional sphere: steps to be climbed, more substantial remuneration, increasing turnover … Single, expect a passionate and fascinating story. As a couple, beware of friction in the summer.

Personal year 9: end of chapter. It is time to close files (contracts, disappointing relationship). Professionally, stand back and don't take a stand if you want everything to work out well. In love, weak unions end (rupture). Single, an affair brings balm to your heart.

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of December 21, 2020

Personal year 1: hindsight required. Breathe in the fresh air rather than being confined to a small space rehashing old stories. Perfection does not exist, do not seek it. A simple tune-up would be necessary to calm the sorrowful spirits and resume your activities in absolute calm.

Personal year 2: strong commitment. Concrete achievements are taking shape which allows you to consider building your career plan. Do not be in excess, this is the only risk to be feared. Develop a profitable strategy to be operational. Sentimentally, loves are fiery.

Personal year 3: high tensions. Observe, free yourself! The attentive mind gives you an openness that you might not have thought of. Abandonment of post, loss of object or contract, disagreements and other concerns are the order of the week. The nervous balance is a real roller-coaster ride, channel your emotivity.

Personal year 4: good restart. Your actions are being carried out with full force, this is an important week for making decisions and pounding the pavement while there is still time. An improvement in your living conditions is about to take shape, make the change. Pugnacity pays off.

Personal year 5: exchanges favored. Calm your impatience, pursue your goals, and try to get help if you have some adjustment problems at work or in relationships. Contacts are favored as well as transactions. As for love, there is a cloud of romanticism.

Personal year 6: only positive. The optimism is there and great prospects await you. More creative than ever, you are determined to do battle with whatever bothers you. Positivez and gain the upper hand! In your sights: relationships and the luck that goes with you, take advantage of it!

Personal year 7: some disturbances. But phew! Logic wins over the rest. You must stay focused and do not let go, because a small grain of sand could disturb your good mood. Everything is more or less delayed or postponed, but in the end it works out, no worries.

Personal year 8: a promising week. Beautiful days in sight. Everything seems to work for you in the best of all possible worlds. An end to the year that ended in style. More flexible and sociable, you make new acquaintances, forge friendships and set your sights on someone you like.

Personal year 9: sharing and balance. The word responsibility resounds in your head, your actions are reflected. You are looking for romantic, professional and friendly stability, then you attach a lot of importance to your look and what you convey to others. Be zen!

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of December 14, 2020

Personal year 1: feeling of loneliness. You have little motivation, nothing specific, but a difficult week due to uncertainties and hassles of everyday life. Dispel your doubts, misunderstandings and react quickly to come to a decision and move forward in one direction or another.

Personal year 2: change of tone. A wind of freedom is blowing, you want to think outside the box, review your copy and free yourself from secondary concerns. After a difficult period, you are much more positive and cheerful. It’s a happy ending that promises to be pro and private.

Personal year 3: choices to be made. You want to shake everything up. In the face of two proposals, you have to weigh the pros and cons and come to a conclusion. Nevertheless, you lean towards what seems thoughtful and within your reach. Sentimentally, you choose tranquility.

Personal year 4: muddled relationships. There is water in the gas: risk of financial loss, distressing outcome, misrepresentation … Be careful not to be fooled, because the lure is omnipresent. Go for a frank and sincere speech and do not decide anything lightly. Also expect to receive news from far and wide.

Personal year 5: total confusion. Disturbed, you can be! An intense relationship transforms you and your heart races. Movements, initiation and renewal are among your professional and intimate aspirations. Shake up conventions, be heard and come out on top.

Personal year 6: beautiful harmony. You are on a path without pitfalls, ready to do battle with those who get in your way. The tendency is towards personal achievements, the couple and intimacy with the partner. Reconciliations, joys and moments of extreme tenderness are to be expected.

Personal year 7: updates. You're just asking to update things in the pro world in order to move on. In your emotional life, it is good for your partner to find the arguments necessary to decide to take the plunge: move, joint projects …

Personal year 8: pleasant atmosphere. A bit confused, you oscillate between the desire to undertake, to create and to postpone everything until later. Communication is excellent and gives rise to interesting discussions. More than ever, your presence is sought after and desirable.

Personal year 9: compassion and homework. Closer to yours than ever, this week promises to be significant for mutual aid and bonding both in your household and with your friends. On the job side, responsibilities are likely to be offered and entrusted to you, in view of delays within a department.

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of December 7 to 13, 2020

Personal year 1: absolute delivery. Long live adventure and experimentation! You can play the spoiler, look to other places and do your own tests and trials without worrying about what others think. A wave of energy encourages you to go to new lands and to move forward.

Personal year 2: pull yourself together! A hectic week because of your permanent dissatisfaction. You do not dare to initiate a conversation or get into the heart of the matter for fear of not agreeing with your interlocutors. It is in the background and quietly that you improve your performance.

Personal year 3: conclusion and assessment. You reach the end of the process concerning a contract or a file. The word "end" is very important whether it is for a love affair or a job. What ends has a positive side, you will bounce back. Stay determined.

Personal year 4: romantic reconciliations. You give yourself a very nice break with your partner who responds to your requests. Cocooning is essential in a context where you are looking for complicity and tenderness. This climate reflects your need to merge and come together.

Personal year 5: towards something concrete. A good boost is being given to the files that are accumulating and that you must resolve urgently. You will no doubt be faced with delays, slowdowns and speeches that do not delight you. Sort out what is superficial and deep.

Personal year 6: recovery. A desire to shake up everything and come back to true values, which provokes adjustments within the home and in your company. You put your feet in the dish and do what is necessary to free yourself from the business that falls to you. Relief in sight.

Personal year 7: winning game. Now is the time to deploy all your talents and ingenuity, because you have the wind in your sails. You win across the board and confirm what your hierarchy already knows, you are a fighter. Your orders and desires come true. You brilliantly impose your authority.

Personal year 8: necessary authority. Spotlight on your professional news. You roll up your sleeves and tackle all this work with vigor. It pays off and brings good results. A change of attitude and tone is needed in your company. Sentimentally, take responsibility for your relationship.

Personal year 9: relationships in good shape. A week that announces beneficial changes in your professional commitments. Your relationships are privileged with management and colleagues. You will also make hearts beat on the private side. From movement to perspective, your arguments are heard and followed.

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of November 30 to December 6, 2020

Personal year 1: negotiations in sight. You have many assets to benefit from interviews and complete administrative procedures. Now is the perfect time for you to face certain realities and situations. Prepare yourselves at more rigor both at home and at work.

Personal year 2: significant progress. The agreements are conclusive and the situations are resolved. You have more leeway and success in your professional activities. On the other hand, if you've let things drag on, it might be time to take charge.

Personal year 3: measured actions. At work or at home, the risks of disagreement are possible as you are in a susceptible mood. Know how to listen to your interlocutors, take advice and behave positively. The doors open if you can ignore the negatives. React!

Personal year 4: mixed atmosphere. Unease sets in as well as conflicts. Stress leads you to close an activity or a love affair because you are not fully satisfied. Understand things and move very quickly before making hasty decisions. Calm your anxieties.

Personal year 5: constructive future. There are unexpected opportunities to move forward and satisfy your ego. Good influences confirm certain aspects of the professional field. Submit a request, ask your boss or an administration if you want to get appointments and support.

Personal year 6: foreseeable overflow. A feeling of saturation awaits you in the private and professional arenas, where you need to change your mind and move on. One conclusion must be drawn: should I continue or stop my relationship or my activity? The blur is fleeting, don't go too fast.

Personal year 7: auspicious week. This period promotes the full development of your activities and innovative projects. You have something to project yourself and consider the best in terms of career. This is an unexpected reboot chance that opens on the pro side. Sentimentally, you are very busy.

Personal year 8: mixed atmosphere. Within your company, you consolidate your achievements. There is a certain chill in the air with people from the pro world. Stay cautious, calm and do not anticipate anything, this is the best way not to have negative consequences. Affectionately, you have the perfect love.

Personal year 9: satisfactory climate. It’s great, with a very pleasant month ahead. We can say that this end of the year brings you good surprises and that it brings you the expected success. Now is the time for full development, you are managing to be accepted in all circles.

Evelyne Lehnoff's forecast for the week of November 23 to 29, 2020

Personal year 1: renewed energy. A window opens onto the future at this time when you take a break and everything is more fluid in material and professional terms. You have the wind in your sails and continue your progress in several areas. Sentimentally, you seduce by your spontaneity.

Personal year 2: balance factor. You position yourself on the pro level because you have the opportunity to prosper within your business. You have an opportunity to acquire a senior position. On the heart, you manage to persuade your other half to commit to helping you, marrying you, making a major purchase …

Personal year 3: temporary cancellation. Why hide behind doubts? They do and do, but you should not be devoid of arguments and stand back. Situations need to be flattened to relax your mind. Your heart is at half mast.

Personal year 4: general development. You are on the prowl at work to prove your commitment. You are trying to find the right deals and turn the negative into the positive. Don't hesitate to take the lead and come up with your ideas, they are bright. In love, you are irresistible.

Personal year 5: small failures. Maintain your mental faculties so you don't falter, as you may experience a slump and not be able to handle everything that is asked of you. It would do you the greatest good to change your mind, relax.

Personal year 6: decisive action. La semaine s’annonce constructive sur bien des plans (administrativement, financièrement et professionnellement). En ce qui concerne vos relations amoureuses, elles sont bien inspirées. Vous entrez dans la danse et la jouez finement.

Année personnelle 7 : incompréhension. Mise au point, remise en question, rétractation : tout est possible. Des aides arrivent néanmoins pour vous donner des conseils, un coup de main, résoudre un problème ou s’épancher sur vos difficultés. En amour, vous succombez facilement.

Année personnelle 8 : satisfaction. La rencontre avec une personne influente peut jouer un rôle important sur votre destin. On vous apporte des éclaircissements sur une situation (élévation de votre statut ou projet accepté). Qu'à cela ne tienne, vous avez un temps d’avance sur tout.

Année personnelle 9 : contexte délicat. Votre vie privée est un peu chahutée en raison de soucis professionnels : désaccords, surcroît d’activités, chômage ou fin de mission. En revanche, si vous recherchez un emploi, les collectivités et entreprises familiales sont à privilégier pour décrocher un poste.

Les prévisions d'Evelyne Lehnoff pour la semaine du 16 au 22 novembre 2020

Année personnelle 1 : ralentissement en vue. Il vous faut attendre à des situations bloquées et compliquées. Cette phase délicate vous oblige à vous révéler sous un jour différent. Patientez, le repos est préconisé à moins qu’un déplacement ou un stage culturel vous fasse reprendre espoir.

Année personnelle 2 : investissement gagnant. Votre rythme habituel est rompu, vous essayez de trouver les arguments nécessaires dans le cadre de votre activité pour vous démarquer de la concurrence et de vos collègues. L’audace est payante en matière de rendement. En amour, vous êtes plus que jamais passionnée.

Année personnelle 3 : ambiance fébrile. Une conclusion s’impose dans l’exercice de vos fonctions. Vous campez sur vos positions et ne cédez à aucune manipulation, c’est à prendre ou à laisser. Côté sentiments, une relation que vous pensiez acquise ne l’est pas du tout.

Année personnelle 4 : actualisation en cours. Un projet qui vous tient particulièrement à cœur se met en route. C’est la concrétisation d’un travail mené à bien. Toute action doit être dirigée par vous seule, car vous avez peu de chance de trouver des aides extérieures. L’amour n’est pas votre priorité…

Année personnelle 5 : attention aux dissensions. Adoptez un comportement pacifique en toute circonstance, car des remous peuvent très vite se transformer en rivalité. L’amour transpire, vous ne cherchez qu’à choyer et à protéger votre moitié qui vous le rend bien.

Année personnelle 6 : émergence de possibilités. Des ouvertures vous facilitent la vie, de quoi vous rendre joyeuse à l’idée que les portes s’ouvrent. Des satisfactions sont à attendre au travail, en amour ou financièrement. Sachez que vous avez un rôle à jouer dans la mise en relation de personnes.

Année personnelle 7 : refonte imposée. Réorganiser votre quotidien est essentiel si vous ne voulez pas être très vite débordée dans votre travail, mais aussi dans votre planning personnel. A la maison, vous tendez d’établir un équilibre pour avoir plus de temps pour les vôtres.

Année personnelle 8 : adaptabilité et découvertes. Il est fort probable que vous vous déplaciez et que vous ayez des coups de cœur pour des personnes ou des horizons différents. Plus sociable et avenante, vous allez au-devant des autres en étant plus curieuse. Célibataire, une rencontre n’est pas exclue.

Année personnelle 9 : réussite tous azimuts. Vos prestations sont bonnes, vous avez tous les atouts nécessaires pour convaincre. Des engagements sérieux sont possibles pour les dirigeantes. Côté sentiments, vous êtes au top de votre forme et ça fonctionne !

Les prévisions d'Evelyne Lehnoff pour la semaine du 2 au 8 novembre 2020

Année personnelle 1 : Mise au point. Le moral est en baisse. Tout ce qui touche à votre avenir vous obsède, vous ne savez plus tellement où vous en êtes, c’est le flou total. Nombre d’imprévus vous attendent que ce soit dans l’exercice de vos fonctions ou dans le cadre privé.

Année personnelle 2 : L'argent à la une. C’est la carrière qui prédomine ainsi que les affaires. Des transactions fructueuses s’effectuent si vous possédez la lucidité nécessaire. Financièrement, perte ou gain, tout ce qui est contestable (procès, litiges, amendes) est d'actualité.

Année personnelle 3 : L'heure des comptes. Cette semaine parle d’aboutissement, de conclusion et de remise en ordre. Vous avez tout intérêt à gérer correctement vos dossiers et votre travail si vous ne voulez pas avoir de mauvaises surprises. Ce climat vous demande de reconsidérer votre position.

Année personnelle 4 : Regain d'activité. Vous êtes concerné par un redémarrage, un avancement, un changement de poste ou une prise de responsabilité. Il vous faut agir seul et vous affirmer. Les relations avec les hommes sont à privilégiés, gage de chance et succès à la clé.

Année personnelle 5 : Développement assuré. Votre créativité est à son apogée, votre mode d’expression et les contacts favorisés. Vous avez la possibilité d’élargir votre champ d’action, de vous faire de nouveaux amis et d’avoir un réseau relationnel intéressant. Côté finances, les dépenses sont à surveiller.

Année personnelle 6 : En pleine forme. Vous êtes certes un peu plus éparpillée que d’ordinaire et trouvez toutes les occasions de vous soustraire à vos obligations. Toutefois, la communication est excellente, les rencontres et les aventures sont agréables et fugaces. C’est le plein épanouissement.

Année personnelle 7 : Contretemps à prévoir. Vous allez devoir vous détacher des choses et des personnes et dire "non" à ce qui ne vous paraît pas acceptable. N’encombrez pas votre cerveau pour des banalités et prenez les devants si vous devez clore certains chapitres de votre vie. Surtout, prenez conscience de votre potentialité.

Année personnelle 8 : Sollicitations en vue. Des défis restent à relever. Vous devez être audacieuce et amorcer de nouveaux challenges, car tous les espoirs sont permis. Vos habitudes et votre mode de fonctionnement doivent être modifiés. Réformer dans le cadre du travail est primordial.

Année personnelle 9 : Fédérer pour avancer. Vous avez la possibilité de rassembler autour de vous et de trouver des alliés, ce qui vous propulse en avant et affirme votre carrière. L’art du compromis est important pour préserver cette atmosphère de confiance précieuse qui s’installe entre votre hiérarchie et vos collègues.

Les prévisions d'Evelyne Lehnoff pour la semaine du 2 au 8 novembre 2020

Année personnelle 1 : Ambiance libératoire. Les prises de risques sont moindres, d’ailleurs vous ne vous encombrez pas de préjugés et faites fi des convenances. Advienne que pourra, l’avis des autres importe peu du moment que vous êtes en phase avec vos idées. Prendre tout à la légère vous va très bien en cette période.

Année personnelle 2 : Ondes bienveillantes. Cette semaine bénéficie d’influx positifs tant sur le plan du travail que privé. Ces journées sont propices pour faire une rencontre amoureuse ou établir des projets en commun si vous êtes en couple. Les rapprochements sont d’actualité pour une entente parfaite.

Année personnelle 3 : Esprit chagrin. Il y a des moments où vous n’êtes pas d’humeur à recevoir des doléances ou à subir des contrariétés. Vous alternez entre mise à l’écart et envie de donner votre avis lorsque vous êtes en contradiction. Surtout, restez mesurée, mais déterminée.

Année personnelle 4 : Décidée et directive. Votre perception est claire et nette. Il n’est pas question de tergiverser, mais bien de prendre des décisions concernant votre carrière et la manière de procéder dans l’exercice de vos fonctions. N'hésitez pas à faire des ajustements sur divers points.

Année personnelle 5 : Place à la nouveauté. Tout ce qui est obsolète doit être réformé. Que ce soit au travail ou dans la vie privée, vous ne devez en aucun cas vous retourner sur votre passé. On ne fait pas du neuf avec de l’ancien, les histoires révolues doivent y rester. Les sentiments sont à la fois mitigés et parfois intenses.

Année personnelle 6 : Motivation, action ! Plus déterminée que jamais, vous êtes tout feu, tout flamme et reprenez les rênes de votre vie en main. Dans le contexte professionnel, vous abattez une montagne de tâches et trouvez les tenants et les aboutissants de chaque situation.

Année personnelle 7 : Sensibilité extrême. Des accords sont conclus. Vous êtes en quête de collaborations qui règlent les problèmes inhérents à votre travail. Mais votre sensibilité étant accrue, ne prenez pas tout à cœur. Dans l’intimité en revanche, les amoureux s’entendent à merveille…

Année personnelle 8 : Facteur chance. La communication s’établit aussi bien avec votre entourage direct qu’avec les administrations, la hiérarchie ou vos collègues. Les contacts sont facilités et la chance vous sourit dans différents domaines. Une période idéale pour décrocher un rendez-vous, obtenir une faveur…

Année personnelle 9 : Limitations en vue. Restrictions et contraintes sont à prévoir. Vous palliez aux aléas et jouez sur la corde sensible, mais rien n’y fait pour que l’on vous facilite la vie. L’estime de vous-même est importante dans ces moments délicats, il est vrai que l’on vous en demande beaucoup.

Les prévisions d'Evelyne Lehnoff pour la semaine du 19 au 25 octobre 2020

Année personnelle 1 : une imagination fertile. Les idées ne manquent pas ! Elles fusent pour développer des stratégies dans le domaine professionnel. Les rapports sont bons dans la vie privée et relationnelle, ce qui vous permet d’émettre des demandes et d’obtenir des résultats probants.

Année personnelle 2 : les pieds sur terre. Vous prenez vite du retard sur votre emploi du temps ce qui vous occasionne quelques déconvenues au niveau du travail. En vue d’une stabilité matérielle et d’une aisance financière, vous œuvrez pour trouver un parfait équilibre. Les sentiments sont relégués au second plan.

Année personnelle 3 : la joie de vivre. C’est le plein épanouissement. Des nouvelles agréables vous parviennent et les invitations pleuvent. Dans votre entreprise, vous prenez les choses du bon côté, sans prise de tête. A la maison, le partenaire se réjouit de tant d’entrain et de disponibilité à son égard.

Année personnelle 4 : beaucoup de charges. Vous n'êtes pas très disponible en raison des obligations qui vous incombent. Côté pro, on vous demande énormément d’investissement ce qui ne vous laisse guère le choix. Le domaine sentimental est parfois chahuté, avec une succession d’émotions contrastées.

Année personnelle 5 : une attitude fluctuante. Vous alternez tendres pensées et sentiments perturbés auprès de votre moitié qui se demande pourquoi de tels changements d’attitude. Sans doutes, à cause de l’automne qui s'installe, une forme de vague à l’âme vous envahit. Ressaisissez-vous !

Année personnelle 6 : plein feu sur le travail. Un coup de pouce est donné à la carrière. Vous repartez tambour battant à l’assaut d’opportunités pour dénicher des bons plans et trouver des sources d’inspiration différentes. Il n’est pas exclu que vous saisissiez des occasions de vous distinguer.

Année personnelle 7 : ne précipitez rien ! Prenez le temps de régler vos tracas administratifs du mieux possible. En pleine confusion, vous peinez à clore vos dossiers ou à terminer un contrat. Sur le plan sentimental, mieux vaut ne pas avoir de reproche à vous faire, car vous partez au quart de tour.

Année personnelle 8 : une belle confiance. Dans l’exercice de votre fonction, vous anticipez et prenez les devants afin de donner le meilleur de vous-même et satisfaire vos collaborateurs. Il n’est pas question de vous mettre des bâtons dans les roues, mais bien d’aller dans votre sens. De belles retombées sont en vue.

Année personnelle 9 : une prise de risques. Vous axez tout sur votre avenir sentimental. Les émotions sont plus que jamais représentatives de votre état d’esprit du moment. Des décisions sont prises pour la poursuite de votre relation et du sens à donner à votre vie en général (projets divers).

Les prévisions d'Evelyne Lehnoff pour la semaine du 19 au 25 octobre 2020

Année personnelle 1 : des relations à préserver. La sphère professionnelle et le domaine sentimental sont au coeur de vos préoccupations Vous avez besoin de bons rapports avec votre entourage pour régler les problèmes et poursuivre vos objectifs. Grâce à votre sensibilité, vous parvenez à vous remettre en selle.

Année personnelle 2 : de la précision avant tout. Attention et rigueur sont de mise si vous ne voulez pas avoir de soucis sur le plan matériel et professionnel. Cette semaine contraignante vous impose de faire passer votre vie privée au second plan, tant vous êtes accaparée de toutes parts.

Année personnelle 3 : changement en perspective. Tout tend à se transformer. Des modifications sont à prévoir aussi bien sur le plan privé que professionnel. Les échanges sont nombreux d’autant que vous captez vite l’attention de vos interlocuteurs. Ce climat dynamique favorise tous les déplacements.

Année personnelle 4 : le foyer à l’honneur. Vous axez tout sur le couple et la famille. Projet immobilier, travaux de rénovation ou de décoration sont à l’honneur. Vos responsabilités prennent aussi de l’ampleur, ce qui vous demande de réorganiser votre planning et peut impacter votre vie privée.

Année personnelle 5 : mises au point nécessaires. Une remise à plat de la situation professionnelle et privée s’impose. Vous réfléchissez à votre avenir et repensez vos plans. Si l’atmosphère semble plus calme, des imprévus peuvent vous déstabiliser et entraîner des soucis passagers. Dans tous les cas, prendre du recul est recommandé.

Année personnelle 6 : coup d’accélérateur. Attendez-vous à de bons résultats et à des surprises sur le plan financier et dans votre travail. Le matériel revêt une importance capitale surtout si vous travaillez dans le commerce. Mais gare aux litiges ! Apaisement et temporisation sont de mise, car les esprits risquent de s’échauffer.

Année personnelle 7 : une fin de non-recevoir. Cette semaine annonce pertes, fin de rapports cordiaux ou d’ emploi ! Les relations sont tendues sauf si vous maîtrisez parfaitement la situation et n’avez pas de passif litigieux. L’émotivité à son comble, vous pourriez être blessée intérieurement, à moins de décider de vous mettre en retrait.

Année personnelle 8 : une chance à saisir ! Des vibrations bienfaitrices vous insufflent un bon redémarrage, un avancement, voire un coup de pouce du destin. Vous êtes amenée à redistribuer vos cartes et à tirer parti des opportunités qui se présentent. La période est idéale pour obtenir un emploi et vous engager.

Année personnelle 9 : une semaine bousculée. Vous ne vous avouez pas vaincue et avez toujours une épaule réconfortante pour vous soutenir et vous encourager. Vous serez parfois soumise à des blocages indépendants de votre volonté. Face à ces aléas, la patience et la prudence sont vos meilleurs atouts.

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