Numerous helpers – The flood was followed by a wave of helpfulness

The extent of the catastrophe in the neighboring valley is becoming increasingly clear. Volunteers and fire brigades from all over Carinthia in the crisis area.

Early on Saturday morning there was a lot of activity in the operations center and on the helipad in front of the totally devastated town center of Treffen. Numerous people in uniform exchange information, helicopters take off in all directions. And in the middle of it all, the first volunteer helpers, equipped with rubber boots and shovels, cavort. “We have to stick together,” is the unanimous tenor. Too many helpers Shortly after 10 a.m., a message comes from the disaster area: Please don’t send any more helpers! After just a few hours, 165 volunteers were brought to the town center to support the affected homeowners. The federal army, which is deployed with an enormous number of men and machines, takes care of the public infrastructure. Volunteers are bustling about in and in front of the affected houses. Among them were firefighters from all over Carinthia. “I’ve already seen comrades from Wolfsberg,” says a Floriani youth from Spittal.Arriach remains cut offMeanwhile, attempts are being made to push forward with heavy equipment in the direction of Arriach, where, like in the entire surrounding valley, only the report day is pending for the students. “But that will still take some time,” suspects Michael Krainer, section commander and head of the fire department, who thanks all the volunteers for their work. Although the center of Treffen is completely devastated and there is mud and rubble everywhere, you always hear laughter. “One shouldn’t lose one’s sense of humor despite the tragedy that prevails,” say the helpers.
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