Nurses awaiting the “refoundation” of their profession: remuneration, new skills, prevention

It is a signal of openness, addressed to liberal nurses worried that the reforms announced to consolidate their place in the health system remain in the middle of the ford: a meeting between their union representatives and Health Insurance must take place on Thursday, April 18, to make a “first round of topics on the table”remuneration, new skills, prevention, etc., we tell Health Insurance.

Through these questions, it is the issue of access to care that is raised, at a time when these 650,000 paramedical professionals (including around 130,000 self-employed) are being established as a solution to the lack of doctors. The Minister for Health, Frédéric Valletoux, reaffirmed this, Sunday April 14, in an interview with La Tribune Sunday : “I would like to change the law, in order to broaden and clarify the skills of nurses. »

The minister is advancing on a crest line, in a undermined context. “The challenge is not at all to replace doctors but to recognize the roles and skills of each person”, he stressed, while the tone has risen in recent days with liberal doctors. Their union representatives, with strong winds against the project of “direct access” to specialist doctors (without prior consultation of the attending physician) defended by the executive, interrupted crucial conventional negotiations.

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Mr. Valletoux highlighted several sensitive avenues, such as that of ” create [une] nursing consultation » or to open to interested parties “a right to certain prescriptions”. “Nurses must be able to monitor chronic illnesses, for example diabetes, and extend prescriptions”he also defended.

On the subject, this is not the government’s first announcement. The year 2023 was supposed to be the year “nurses”the year of the start of a “refoundation” of career. But the transformation was late. It must take two paths: firstly, the rewriting – much awaited – of the decree defining nursing acts, which dates back twenty years, to also integrate an approach by “missions”, according to the wishes of the government. Second, the overhaul of the three years of training to become a state nurse, already postponed to 2025.

Commitments welcomed

What about the price negotiations, unanimously demanded by these professionals, when most of the prices for so-called “basic” nursing procedures have not been reviewed for fifteen years despite inflation? “When we have defined the scope of new skills, negotiations can begin with Health Insurance in order to establish the financial terms, before the end of the year”assured Mr. Valletoux La Tribune Sunday.

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