Nursing students share their chilling experience

#BalanceTonStage is a hashtag that is rising more and more on social networks. There are many who testify to internships with painful experiences. Among these, nursing students.

You've probably seen this hashtag circulating on Twitter. #BalanceTonStage lifts the veil on the conditions under which some students do their internship. It all started with an Instagram page created by three students at EM Lyon Business School. Agathe, Simon and Camille have been denouncing there, since last July, the difficult situations they have already been confronted with during their internship. Testimonies from students from their school were also shared there. The Instagram account has grown to such an extent that it has become this famous hashtag. So many are those who have in turn testified to their own experiences and the horror of certain past experiences, those who have most marked come from nursing students. Coming from different departments, they seem to have experienced the worst. From sexism to hazing, not to mention harassment … The testimonies are similar and the anxiety-provoking atmosphere of hospital services is highlighted.

If this hashtag is free to speak, these harassment and hazing practices have been denounced for years. This subject is therefore not new since the National Federation of Nursing Students blamed these acts long before the appearance of #BalanceTonStage. Some people talk about having had to wash deceased patients when they had been assured that they were simply sedated: "When I was in the first year of nursing school, it was my second internship, the team 'had fun' hazing me by sending me to wash a deceased patient (they just said he was sedated so not very responsive) " tells a young woman on Twitter. The other testimonials are just as chilling:

A nurse expelled during the Covid, her owners spared by justice

Video by Clara Poudevigne