NVIDIA and AMD reportedly preparing to release ARM processors for PC

Robin Lamorlette

October 24, 2023 at 11:28 a.m.


ARM architecture © © ARM

NVIDIA and AMD are on a war footing to compete with Intel and Qualcomm © ARM

After having been best enemies for a long time in the field of graphics cards, NVIDIA and AMD are interested in processors under ARM architecture.

This is what our colleagues from Reuters, who would have the information from two sources very close to the project, in any case concerning NVIDIA. AMD, however, would not be long in following suit, and everyone would be on a war footing to develop ARM processors intended for personal computers running Windows by 2025.

The obvious objective behind the project is to compete with Intel and Qualcomm in this area, and somewhere to provide chips capable of competing with those produced by Apple, themselves powered by ARM architecture.

A new ARMS race for NVIDIA and AMD

Failing to have been able to buy Arm, NVIDIA nevertheless intends to take advantage of its architecture to develop processors. The American giant would thus be actively working behind the scenes to be ready to produce the first chips in this direction for Windows PCs during 2025, again according to Reuters.

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Never mind, NVIDIA wants its piece of the ARM pie © Viewimage / Shutterstock

This would allow NVIDIA to kill two birds with one stone: carve out a place in the very juicy market for processors for Windows personal computers, and compete with strong brands in the field. Remember that Qualcomm is currently Microsoft’s exclusive partner for Windows 11 PCs under ARM architecture. At the same time, Intel is struggling to do as well as Apple on its own ARM chips.

The arrival of NVIDIA in this segment would thus constitute a significant kick in the anthill. If we complement this with AMD’s interest in the same objectives, we have an explosive cocktail to say the least coming in 2025.

An architectural project that does not date from yesterday

If NVIDIA and AMD seem confident about the release of ARM processors within two years, they owe it in particular to a certain experience with this famous architecture. The chameleon brand has already developed Grace processors for HPC/AI, based on the ARM Neoverse N2 architecture. The Microsoft Surface RT, the first tablet of this name, was also powered by an NVIDIA Tegra processor under ARM.

For its part, AMD was working on an ARM K12 processor before abandoning the project to focus on the Zen architecture, with the good results that we are experiencing on the x86 field. However, it seems that the company is ready to give the ARM architecture another chance.

Zen architecture continues to delight AMD © AMD

Even though the sources of Reuters are a priori particularly reliable, it is appropriate to wait for official confirmation from the two manufacturers. The report is in any case timely, as Qualcomm has just presented its latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, itself powered by ARM architecture.

Source : Reuters

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