Nvidia CEO: “Coding is not a necessary skill…even for AI”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says programming is no longer a necessary skill in computing thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI).

“We need to stop telling kids they need to learn to code,” he said at the World Government Summit in Dubai, adding that the rise of AI makes it possible for anyone to become a programmer.

“For the past 10 or 15 years, almost everyone has been talking about the importance of teaching children computer skills. But our mission is to create computer technology that no one needs to program, and today, everyone “Everyone is a programmer. That’s the miracle of AI.”

Moving towards biology, education, manufacturing and agriculture

He added that, even in the early stages of the AI ​​revolution, programming is no longer an essential skill and that, “as AI replaces coding, humans will be able to focus on more useful specialties such as biology, education, manufacturing and agriculture.

His comments received mixed reception on social media. Patrick Moorehead, CEO of Moore Insights & Strategy, a former executive at HP and AMD and others, tweeted: “I’ve been hearing ‘XYX is killing coding’ for over 30 years and we still don’t have enough programmers”.

“Just as desktop publishing has expanded creativity without killing it, AI won’t kill coding, it will make it accessible to more people,” he added.

“Coding is never the source of value”

John Carmack, former CTO of Oculus, said: “Coding is never the source of value, and people shouldn’t get too obsessed with that. Problem solving is the key skill. Discipline and precision required in traditional programming will remain valuable attributes that can be transferred, but will not constitute a barrier to entry.


He said he doesn’t yet know if AI will wipe out programmers, but more professions are being affected by the rise of AI.

According to a study by Bloomberg, freelance writing and translator jobs have fallen by 33% and 19%, respectively, since ChatGPT’s inception, while software development jobs have increased by 6%.

Source: “ZDNet Korea”

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