Nvidia: Former AMD boss fuels antitrust allegations against rival company


Nvidia is currently facing an antitrust accusation. This is how the former AMD deputy boss comments on the allegations against the rival company.

The former AMD vice-boss called Nvidia a cartel. (Source: YouTube screenshot/NVIDIA)

  • Nvidia is said to be deliberately holding back orders in order to influence customers.
  • The former AMD Vide boss then described Nvidia as a cartel.
  • Nvidia is in control of the market’s offerings.

Nvidia and AMD are the leading companies when it comes to graphics cards, and yet Nvidia is said to have control of the market.

As Tom’s Hardware reports based on a paid article in the Wall Street Journal, Nvidia is said to have deliberately delayed orders for graphics processors for data centers. At least that is what the GroQ company would claim.

AI customers looking for alternative hardware fear that Nvidia will delay delivery in retaliation. Accordingly, customers are said to have even avoided meetings with competing companies.

The former senior vice president at AMD has now responded to that same report. On X (formerly Twitter) Scott Herkelman describes Nvidia as a cartel that controls the entire offering.

AMD has already made negative comments towards Nvidia in the past. The company took a swipe at its rival company and explained why sufficient VRAM is important for graphics cards.

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