Nvidia RTX 3060: disturbing or cute? Crossbreed of dog and Chinese cabbage depicted on graphic card


There is another special edition for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. A mix of Chinese cabbage and a dog is shown on the graphics card and you can see this curious design here.

The RTX 3060 “Vegetables Fairy” edition shows vegetables and dog in one. (Source: Galax)

  • The Nvidia RTX 3060 appears in a new design.
  • The “Vegetables Fairy” edition shows a hybrid of cabbage and dog.
  • However, the graphics card for the equivalent of 440 euros will probably not appear in Germany.

There are always special editions for graphics cards from Nvidia, such as an Evangelion version, and in this case the RTX 3060 also looks very special.

The artist “PonkichiM” combines animals with vegetables in his pictures and thereby creates unique characters. One of these vegetable beasts is now finding its way onto the RTX 3060.

Nvidia RTX 3060 as “Vegetables Fairy” edition

This is what the graphics card looks like in a green design.

The graphics card, printed with the mixture of Chinese cabbage and Akita, should cost the equivalent of around 440 euros, as Videocardz reports.

But this special graphics card will probably not find its way to Germany. However, you can save the money for the coming graphics card generations from Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

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