NVIDIA: RTX 3090 Ti late, but more graphics cards for late 2022

During the CES 2022 held in Los Angeles earlier this month, NVIDIA unveiled the RTX 3090 Ti, a new very high-end graphics card which will include a 24 GB video memory in GDDR6X. The manufacturer did not reveal a release date at the time, but several sources and retailers suggested that the GPUs would land on the market from the end of January.

But that will obviously not be the case. According to TweakTown, partner builders received instructions from NVIDIA to stop production of their graphics cards, without real explanations, but it would seem that problems concerning the BIOS and the hardware appeared at the last moment, according to information collected by Videocardz. The latter moreover discovered that several resellers were already listing the RTX 3090 Ti in their shops, with a price of €3,201.57 for the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti SUPRIM X from MSI from a German dealer. Yes, it stings, it’s 30% more expensive than a RTX-3090, but nothing says that this price will be final at the official launch of the GPUs, at an unknown date.

Furthermore, Colette Kress, CFO at the house of NVIDIA, recently returned to the stock problems of graphics cards, which do not only concern his company. The shortage of electronic components affects everyone, and as the supply is lower than the demand, the prices explode, to the great despair of the players wanting to build a new PC. When will we see the end of the tunnel? Well, from the second half of 2022, according to Colette Kress, saying that production will intensify to meet demand. This would correspond, as specified Toms Hardware, upon arrival of RTX 4000 Series GPUs with an architecture Ada Lovelace new generation, name given in reference to the pioneer of computer programming.

Now let’s cross our fingers that the scalpers and other cryptocurrency miners don’t jump on it to do anything but play in 4K. Otherwise, you can find PCs already assembled and equipped with RTX on Amazon.

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