Nvidia RTX 4000: That’s why EVGA is refusing to sell the next generation of graphics cards


The Nvidia RTX 4000 series is already in production at some third-party companies. But EVGA is discontinuing sales of the new graphics card generation and we’ll tell you why.

EVGA refuses to sell the next generation of graphics cards. (Source: Nvidia)

  • EVGA stops selling Nvidia graphics cards.
  • In keeping with the coming graphics card generation, the company wants to withdraw from the graphics card market.
  • The reason for this is said to be Nvidia’s constant undercutting with the Founder Edition.

Nvidia’s new generation of graphics cards is in production, but one company is discontinuing sales of the next generation.

As EVGA announced in a small amount in its own forum, it will not offer the new RTX 4000 series. But even if new graphics cards are to come from AMD and Intel, EVGA has no plans to join the competition.

Nvidia graphics cards are heavily discounted
Graphics Card Prices

Nvidia has finally lowered the prices. You can now get some selected graphics cards much cheaper. We’ll tell you how much you can save.

The reason for this step

As VG24/7 reports, EVGA is dissatisfied with the fact that Nvidia constantly undercuts the prices of third-party graphics cards, i.e. EVGA, but also Asus or Gigabyte with the Founders Edition.

This makes it almost impossible for third-party providers to sell graphics cards from the 3000 series profitably, since Nvidia is undercutting too much.


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As a consequence, EVGA plans to withdraw entirely from the graphics card business. However, this means that a comparatively cheap graphics card provider is no longer available.

While EVGA only wants to sell its own stock, companies like Lenovo and Zotac have already started producing the new high-end graphics cards.

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