O2 Grow tariff with top-of-the-line Samsung cell phone: save over 370 euros at Media Markt and Saturn


Media Markt and Saturn are now offering you the Samsung Galaxy S22 in the O2 grow tariff at a very reasonable package price. You can find out what awaits you here

In the tariff world of Media Markt and Saturn you can now expect a top mobile phone at a reduced tariff. You can now secure the Samsung Galaxy S22 there together with the grow tariff from O2 at particularly attractive conditions. We have looked at the offer for you.

Samsung Galaxy S22 with O2 Grow tariff
€89.00€649.13-86% Saturn

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The mobile phone is available in up to four colors and has a pleasant, elegant design. The smartphone alone currently costs around 650 euros. In the tariff deal from Media Markt and Saturn, only an additional payment of 89 euros is due.


Samsung Galaxy S22 |  128 gigabytes of storage

Samsung Galaxy S22 with O2 Grow tariff
€89.00€649.13-86% MediaMarkt

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More info.

The Galaxy S22 is Samsung’s current flagship smartphone and offers a lot of powerful hardware. It is equipped with a triple camera and offers more than enough performance for your everyday life with 128 gigabytes of memory and 8 gigabytes of RAM.


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The deal in detail

The O2 grow tariff now costs you 29.99 euros per month. In return, you will receive a 5G mobile phone in addition to a telephone and SMS flat rate with 40 gigabytes of data. This volume grows with the term of the contract: 10 gigabytes are added every year at the same monthly price. So you pay a total of around 810 euros over the contract period of 24 months.

You can also use your Grow plan with up to ten devices via the O2 Connect option. So if you use a smartwatch or tablet in addition to your cell phone, you can access the same 5G network and only pay one tariff.

For comparison: the same tariff is also available from O2 itself. Here you have to pay one euro for the device – a connection fee is currently not charged. But the same tariff with the same mobile phone costs 59.99 euros per month. So you pay around 1,182 euros over 24 months.

Compared to this, you pay around 372 euros less in the current deal from Media Markt and Saturn than with O2 itself. Even if you are not actually looking for a tariff but just a new mobile phone, the offer could be worthwhile for you. Because for around 160 euros – or 6.66 euros per month – you get a generous tariff package.

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