Oakmovies: Is this streaming service really legal?

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Oakmovies is a streaming service that offers you a wide range of films and series. Is everything really legal? is, we explain to you in the article.

On the Internet you will find almost countless streaming services that can be attractive, but not all of them are immediately clear as to whether they are really such a legal provider. Whether streaming on Oakmovies is actually legal will be fully demonstrated to you in the next section.

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Is Oakmovies a legal entertainment zone?

On Oakmovies you can find some indications that this streaming provider is actually not serious. Above all, it speaks for the fact that the site offers films and series that actually in-house productions certain streaming services like Disney+ or Netflix or should only be available exclusively on specific platforms. So it’s very likely that Oakmovies does not have the necessary licenses and shouldn’t show the films at all – especially not for free. With free offers, you can therefore generally assume that they are illegal – after all, the licenses cost a lot of money, which you pay for with a paid subscription or costs for streaming individual titles.

In fact, until April 2017, the use of such streaming sites was still classified as a legal gray area and not clear. However, this has now changed: A ruling by the European Court of Justice determined that streaming is illegal and punishable by law. So you’re taking a risk, also in terms of your data security, if you continue to use sites like Oakmovies, and you can with a Fine of up to 150 euros be warned. Ad blockers or a VPN help you to be safe on the net.

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Streaming services: These are legal alternatives to Oakmovies

  • Amazon Prime not only offers you shipping advantages and other exclusive offers, but also a large reservoir of films and series. The first trial month is even free of charge, In addition, students have special benefits and you can make an annual payment that is just 69 euros a year.
  • AppleTV+ is still quite manageable, but contains some gems that you can even consume for a short time free of charge. After all, the first 7 days free of charge, after that you only pay 4.99 euros per month. A little tip on the side, if you Jason Mamoa fans are: The exclusive series Lake – realm of the blind is a post-apocalyptic series that is sure to keep you entertained.
  • Joyn makes popular sitcoms like Young Sheldon available for you, but also interesting crime content like NCIS is part of this platform. This page is completely freeonly the premium option provides you with additional series, which only incurs low costs of 6.99 euros per month.

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