Oana Nechiti: It couldn't be more erotic! Hot declaration of love for Erich


All celebrity news today in Brigitte ticker: Oana Nechiti: Hot declaration of love to her husband +++ Jana Ina Zarrella reveals her homeschooling secret +++ Daniela Katzenberger poses naked on the net again.

Celebrity news today in the Brigitte ticker

January 22, 2021

Oana Nechiti: Hot declaration of love to her husband

Oana Nechiti was a sweet 16 years old when she first ran into Erich Klann. Today they have been together for over ten years, are married and have a son. Together, the couple goes through thick and thin, and stood together for years on RTL for "Let's Dance" in front of the camera and on the dance floor. On Instagram, Oana Nechiti is now making an enchanting declaration of love for her husband.

"I fell in love with you for a reason. There is no one like you," writes the 32-year-old about the three recordings that she and her partner show in their shared passion: dancing. The couple are there with full devotion, the photo exudes love. One detail stands out in particular: the sexy dress by Oana Nechiti. The little material reveals the perfect figure of the dancer.

Not only Erich Klann should have sweated at this sight, Instagram users are also blown away. "Wow" and "Beautiful" are just a few of the positive reactions that their followers leave under the post.

January 21, 2021

Jana Ina Zarrella reveals her homeschooling secret

The corona pandemic is enough of a challenge for everyone. But parents are particularly challenged in this situation, as they not only have to go about their jobs, but should also take care of their children's further education. A lot is demanded of parents in homeschooling. With schools in lockdown, parents are encouraged to help their children study at home. Jana Ina Zarella, 44, is also one of the mothers for whom homeschooling is a big part of everyday life in Corona. "Homeschooling is a great challenge not only for the parents, but also for the children," said the wife of Giovanni Zarrella, 42, describing the exceptional situation. On Instagram, she gives her fans an insight – and at the same time reveals a little trick.

"I never understood physics myself – how should I help our son? I admit that I sometimes watch Lehrerschmidt's YouTube videos with him in order to understand something," the mother of two told the German press agency.

Jana Ina has two children with Giovanni. Their son is in seventh grade, their daughter in second. The 44-year-old copes with the situation and has even become "a little more relaxed". In addition, she learns herself. "Now I can do everything – even French, although I can't speak a word of French," she reveals on Instagram.

January 20, 2021

This time in front of the fireplace: Daniela Katzenberger shows herself naked on the net again

Daniela Katzenberger, 34, turns into a naked cat! At the beginning of the week, the cult blonde published a picture on her Instagram account in which she can be seen naked in the bathtub. The 34-year-old skilfully hides the crucial points with her bent legs. Apparently the wife of Lucas Cordalis, 54, liked such recordings, because now she presented herself again freely on the net.

This time a fireplace provides the appropriate backdrop. Daniela made herself comfortable on her knees beforehand and folded her hands up in a yoga pose. As a piece of clothing, she only chooses pants – her upper body is free. "Whoa, I'll miss this fireplace," she writes about the short clip in her Instagram story. What do you particularly like about the fireplace? Presumably the fact that she can warm her breasts – at least the associated hashtag #hothupenkamin suggests that.

Daniela Katzenberger

© instagram / danielakatzenberger

The hot recording was not made on Mallorca, but in Germany. Daniela, Lucas and daughter Sophia, 5, came here together because they were shooting for their documentary soap "Daniela Katzenberger – Familienglück auf Mallorca". As Daniela tells in another story, they are in a rented house near Cologne during filming.

Rebecca Mir moderates "for three"

Rebecca Mir, 28, is going to be a mom for the first time. One day after the good news in December, the 28-year-old shared a snapshot of herself and her baby ball. For the past few weeks, the expectant mother has been able to fully concentrate on her pregnancy, but now Rebecca has to work again – for the first time this year the model was in front of the camera for the show "taff".

"Today there are three of us," she writes about two snapshots that she and co-host Daniel Aminati, 47, show. With her comment, Rebecca is alluding to her baby bump, which can no longer be overlooked, which she shows off in a bright orange mini dress.

"Mamma Mia," enthuses husband Massimo Sinató, 40, and adds a heart emoji to his comment. 97,000 enthusiastic fans have also given the pregnant presenter a heart. Welcome back, dear Rebecca Mir!

January 19, 2021

Sarah Lombardi: This bitter news makes you sad

This message to, fans is not easy for Sarah Lombardi, 28! For March 2021, the singer had actually planned a major tour of Germany. But the corona pandemic is now thwarting her plans. The tour is canceled – a big blow for the 28-year-old.

You can see the sadness of Alessio's mother, five, when she shares the bitter news with her followers in her Instagram story. She also posted a social media post about it in her feed. "You love, many of you have already figured it out. I really haven't given up hope until today, but unfortunately we have to cancel all concerts for March 2021. (sic)" I am heartily sorry that she is not currently dreaming could implement, but she is looking forward to it if they could all catch up.

Her fans are just as sad as Sarah, but they also express understanding in the comments. "It's a shame, but unfortunately it is so, but we look forward to seeing each other again", "Safety and health come first" and "I hope it will be made up for", write three users under the post, for example.

January 18, 2021

Annemarie + Wayne Carpendale: Intimate selfie from the bedroom

What a hot couple photo! Annemarie, 43, and Wayne Carpendale, 43, are not among the celebrity couples who keep their online relationship under wraps, but they regularly share their family life with their son Mads, 2, with their followers via Instagram. Wayne, in particular, can not resist one or the other ironic saying. Nevertheless, this picture is also a rarity with the Carpendales: They post an intimate selfie from their bedroom!

And the fans can see what Annemarie and Wayne look like immediately after getting up: with tousled hair and a curly head, both are lying in their bed – including a sleepy look. While Wayne slumbers shirtless between the sheets, his wife makes herself comfortable in a sporty bra and matching underpants. But why the photo? "Bettselfies – that's the only way I can prevent her from attacking me in the morning," the 43-year-old explained jokingly, as usual.

Annemarie also posted a self-portrait out of bed that morning and makes it clear with her post that there was probably not much more on the program that day than cuddling. "All day in bed," the presenter captioned her photo. My son Mads was sure to come along later to keep his parents company while relaxing.

Barbara Schöneberger heats up her fans

While Germany is freezing, Barbara Schöneberger, 46, is now really heating us up. It doesn't get any hotter! The presenter shared a seductive shot on Instagram. The 46-year-old looks down, brushes her hair back and poses in a strapless dress. In addition, she writes: "I've bathed and put on the jewelry. I'm ready to go."

In fact, the shot is very dark, the jewelry is in the focus of the action. But the fans only have eyes for Barbara in the first place. The all-rounder is known for surprising her followers every now and then with spicy shots on her Instagram account. Her professional photo shoot also causes a stir.

The fans are over the moon at the sight of Barbara and cannot get out of the enthusiasm. "Sooooo beautiful, I celebrate you Barbara, for your wonderful manner and your great humor. Woman Power", writes one. "Insanely great photo" and "Wow" say others. No question about it: in the midst of the corona pandemic, the photo is a wonderful ray of hope.

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