Oasis: Noel Gallagher speaks out against band reunion

As several British media reported at the end of last year, the chances for a reunion of Oasis ("Wonderwall") were higher than they had been for a long time. The British pop band is said to have recently been offered around £ 100m for a comeback tour. But according to Liam Gallagher (47), his brother Noel (52) declined this offer.

Liam gave air to his anger on Twitter and again chose not too nice words for Noel: "We were offered £ 100m. But that is still not enough for this greedy soul."

"Reconciliation is a good thing"

In November 2019, Noel told British magazine "The Big Issue" about a reunion with his brother: "Well, it could happen. Of course it could. But that would have to be exceptional." In the "Sunday Times", Noel added a month later: "Reconciliation is a good thing."

The two Gallagher brothers have been arguing publicly for years. The trigger was a clash between Noel and Liam, which in 2009 also meant the end of Oasis. Her last joint musical work was the album "Dig Out Your Soul", which was released in 2008.