Oberdorf speaks after cup victory: New Bayern transfer “received a lot in the media”

Oberdorf speaks after cup victory
New Bayern transfer “received a lot in the media”

While the FC Bayern men are still in the middle of looking for a coach, the women are already looking forward to a real top transfer. National player Lena Oberdorf is moving from Wolfsburg to Munich. The news causes a lot of anger. Oberdorf can “understand this to a certain extent”.

After the DFB Cup victory with VfL Wolfsburg, national player Lena Oberdorf commented on the fuss surrounding her upcoming move to league rivals Bayern Munich. “I’ve received a lot in the media, which I can understand to a certain extent because of the statements I’ve made over the last few years,” said the 22-year-old after the 2-0 (2-0) against her future club on Sky.

When asked about previous statements that she would never go to FC Bayern, Oberdorf said: “I think I have become very mature as a player and would no longer make such a statement because you can see that you should never say never.” Oberdorf admitted that she also understands the fans: “Sure, you don’t have to take it out on me on social media in the way that is just a really disgusting way. Especially because I think that if you to me, you just wouldn’t say something like that.”

Overwhelmed by emotions after the game

The triumph with VfL against Bayern has a special meaning for Oberdorf in view of their departure to Munich in the summer. “It was even more important for me to show today that I play for VfL Wolfsburg and that I’m really leaving my last shirt behind,” said the midfielder, who showed a strong performance and was overwhelmed by her emotions in front of the fans’ curve after the game. Coach Tommy Stroot was also full of praise for his player. To deliver like this under the “pressure and focus” is “world class”.

For Oberdorf herself it was “extremely important” to win the cup: “I threw myself into every duel,” she emphasized: “I think it was obvious to the whole team that we wanted this title.

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