Obituary notice: “Lindenstrasse” stars say goodbye to Willi Herren

Obituary notice
“Lindenstrasse” stars say goodbye to Willi Herren

Willi Herren died at the age of 45.

© imago images / Sven Simon

Willi Herren was a member of the “Lindenstrasse” cast for years. Series inventor Hans W. Geißendörfer and his colleagues have now said goodbye.

“Lindenstrasse” around Hans W. Geißendörfer (80), inventor, longtime director and producer of the series, said goodbye to Willi Herren (1975-2021) with an obituary notice. “We will not forget you! Take care,” says the simple ad, which appeared in the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, among others. The farewell words of Geißendörfer and Herrens “Friends from ‘Lindenstrasse” “are signed. Herren embodied in the series Oliver “Olli” Klatt.

Some “Lindenstrasse” stars had already expressed themselves on Instagram after the death of Willi Herren. “Willi, you are one of the finest guys I have met in my life! I am very sad and my thoughts are with everyone who was close to Willi”, wrote for example actress Cosima Viola (32). Colleague Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum (43) posted on Facebook: “Dear ones, I just found out about the sudden death of my longtime colleague Willi Herren and I am just as stunned as you are. I have no words for it … Willi, why?”

Willi Herren died on April 20th at the age of 45 in his apartment in Cologne. The exact circumstances of his death are currently not clear. According to the public prosecutor’s office, however, an autopsy “gave no evidence of external violence”.