Obiz finalizes the acquisition of Ski Loisirs Diffusion – 06/29/2023 at 18:15

(AOF) РObiz, a digital platform for responsible relational marketing, announces the completion of the acquisition of Ski Loisirs Diffusion (SLD), a French platform publisher of APIs and SaaS platforms, leader in solutions dedicated to Inters CSE, CSE (Comit̩ Social and Economic) and French communities. SLD offers more than 120,000 discounted leisure offers to more than 10 million beneficiaries and has 5,000 direct CSE customers, including several large CAC 40 and SBF 120 companies.

From a financial point of view, this merger propels the whole of the Obiz group into a new dimension: on a full-year proforma basis, the group intends to achieve a turnover of at least 70 million euros, accompanied by a gross margin of 10 million euros and an EBITDA of 3 million euros in 2023, thus placing the group ahead of its 2025 objectives.

Following this operation, Obiz now holds 100% of the capital of Ski Loisirs Diffusion.

This acquisition was financed by equity raised through a capital increase with maintenance of preferential subscription rights for a total amount of 8 million euros, by new bank loans in the amount of 6. 5 million euros subscribed for the occasion, and on Obiz’s available cash.

SLD will be consolidated in the accounts of Obiz from July 1, 2023.


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