Objection against Netherlands: Thyssenkrupp takes action against lost submarine tender

Objection to Netherlands
Thyssenkrupp takes action against lost submarine tender

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It is unclear how much it will cost to build four submarines for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. It is estimated that the costs amount to billions. The French Naval Group takes part in a tender. Thyssenkrupp doesn’t want to accept that.

The industrial group Thyssenkrupp is taking legal action against the Netherlands because of a lost submarine tender worth billions. Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems formally lodged an objection with the District Court in The Hague on March 29, 2024 against the Dutch Ministry of Defense’s submarine decision in favor of its French competitor, the company said. This should ensure that deadlines are met.

The Netherlands had awarded the contract to the French Naval Group. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” first reported on the case in an advance report. The Ministry of Defense in The Hague announced that of the two losing bidding parties, only the German one had decided to take this step.

Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) explained that this measure was a professional business transaction and part of the competition in such large, publicly tendered projects. It takes time until the Dutch procurement authority or the Ministry of Defense can answer the questions.

Submarines should be ready for use in ten years

In March, the Dutch government awarded the contract to build four submarines to the French. The first two submarines are expected to be operational within ten years. Defense Minister Christophe van der Maat did not name a price, but it is likely to be in the billions.

Parliament still has to approve the agreement. There are critics there who expect more advantages for the local economy and jobs from awarding the contract to an alliance of the Dutch Damen group and the Swedish Saab group.

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