October 10th celebration – numerous bonfires light up on the mountains

The mountains in Ferlach, Bad Eisenkappel and Bleiburg light up on the occasion of the October 10 celebration! Numerous locals met on Saturday and celebrated the 101-year-old Carinthian referendum.

Mountain fires, torches and fireworks were lit by the mountain rescuers, the Alpine Club and volunteers on Saturday on the Ferlacher Horn, on the Matzen on the Singerberg and other mountains. The glow could be seen as far as the state capital.

Stefan Wutte from Ferlach Mountain Rescue: “Traditionally, we always go to the Ferlacher Horn on October 9th. We then light a chain of torches and flares on the ridge. This year it was 3000 shots. ”

Fireworks were also lit in the municipality of Ferlach, in Köttmannsdorf, St. Margarethen and Ludmannsdorf – there was also a torchlight procession on Saturday evening.

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