Octopath Traveler finally back, phew

Last March 1st, Square Enix removed without warning Octopath Traveler from theeShoppreventing new players from purchasing the role-playing game by HD2D co-developed with Acquire. Hard blow for fans of RPG to the 16-bit aesthetic, but Nintendo had clarified that this disappearance was only temporary.

Today, Square Enix announcement good news, Octopath Traveler is back on theeShop of the Nintendo Switch. If you have not yet purchased the retro role-playing game, it is available again for €59.99 (or from €53.99 in box on Amazon, Cdiscount And Fnacthat hasn’t changed).

The Japanese studio has not communicated on the reason for the withdrawal then the return of the gamebut Octopath Traveler is now indicated as developed and published by Square Enix in its description. Previously it was Nintendo who was displayed as editor, the temporary disappearance of the RPG is undoubtedly linked to this change on the side of theeShop. At least this is all over now.

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