Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Endorses Apple’s Next VR Headset

Palmer Luckeyfounder ofOculus was able to get his hands on an “old version” of Apple’s VR headset. Not yet announced, here is what the interested party expressed while trying it: “it is excellent”.

In interview performed on May 4 on Twitter Spaces between Luckey And Peter Diamandis (president of XPrize), Palmer talks about his journeyincluding the creation ofOculus and that later ofAnduril (defense technology), it was only after 1 hour of discussion that the hot topic was dropped:


You know, Palmer, one of the questions I can’t resist asking you is, are you happy with the state of VR? What are your expectations for Apple’s next headset? Are we going to achieve what your vision was?


The Apple headset is very, very good. I haven’t tested the finalized version, but an earlier version there is excellent. It will be a huge market. It will be expensive, but I think they’re following a pretty smart strategy, which is to make VR something everyone wants before it’s something everyone can afford, which was a bit about our position at the beginning, when we launched Oculus.

The Oculus Rift was kind of a flagship headset. It sort of set a standard for what VR could be. In many respects, no one has yet beaten the first Oculus Rift CV1 today in terms of ergonomics, lightness and numerous adjustment possibilities. I think Apple is going to do a great job in this area.

Meta will also release a new headset this year. The Oculus Quest 3 (Editor’s note: no, this is not a translation error) is probably the name they will give it. It is much more compact. He is much more powerful. It will also be a very good helmet, and it will be much more affordable. It won’t be, technologically speaking, at the extreme limit of what can be done in theory, but it will be a very good product.

As for whether I’m satisfied (Editor’s note: with the current state of VR), I would say yes.

Licensed by Facebook in 2017, Palmer Luckey does not mince his words towards his former employer:

I think if I was still in charge, things would go faster and be better. And that’s what everyone thinks. They think if I was in charge, whether it’s politics, agriculture, or technology, they think I’d be boss number one.

But this is not the case. Mark Zuckerberg is. Given all the challenges, he continues to invest heavily. He invests a lot of money in this area. Apple invests a lot of money in this area. I remain convinced that VR will inevitably become the new and last digital platform.

One thing is certain, even after 6 years, the founder ofOculus, has still not digested his eviction. That said, the latter is relieved that there are still so many investments in the field.

More than a week later, Palmer thus begins to Tweeter his famous post:

As a reminder and according to rumours, the VR headsetApple should be presented in a few weeks at WWDC23, between June 5 and 9, the perfect opportunity to get a first glimpse of what it has to offer. Stay tuned as we cover the event.

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