Oculus PC: the beta version allows you to test the new features of Meta Quest Pro in PC VR mode

We didn’t see it coming, but it seems consistentthe PC world VR can now accommodate features unique to Meta Quest Pro : eye tracking (Eye Tracking), that of the face (Face Tracking) and the pass-through (high definition and colors).

You can imagine, because of its prohibitive price, not being able to easily get your hands on a Meta Quest Pro in terms of its features is a real heartbreak for many players! Imagining more graphically successful games and taking advantage of them is a dream come true. What if your terrified face could influence the flow of the game, and if your micro-expressions could betray you in the way of Lie to Me ? What if your gaze could tell the one who kidnaps you what you are trying to hide or what you are trying to do or call?

However, let us temper our ardor, remembering that the price of the Meta Quest Pro and the target audience are in no way going to force the studios to develop exclusively for the latest Meta. If the technologies of the latter could be integrated into the next Meta Quest 3, it would have the effect of a small bomb in the middle of virtual reality. But as you can imagine, and as we saw in a previous article, there is no question yet of using the aforementioned technologies in the next consumer headset from Meta. But there is a little less than a year left to continue dreaming and nothing prevents us from doing so.

Incidentally, eye tracking could also take advantage of the PC VR to fully express themselves. In stand-alone, it’s the chip Snapdragon XR2+ which must calculate everything (sound, image, controllers, face tracking, eye tracking…), whilewith a fully calculated game from a gaming PC, the chip can fully focus on the ey-tracking and therefore on the foveal rendering. You will therefore be able to have incredibly beautiful games, like Resident Evil Village on PSVR 2without having a state-of-the-art machine to take advantage of it, the PC only putting in high definition the small portion of the screen that you are watching in real time, to better sacrifice conversely what you do not don’t look.

If the Meta Quest Pro interests you, you can find it on Amazon at the price of 1799.99 € and, if you hesitate, see the test of the beast on our channel Youtube. If you find it too expensive, which it is, the Meta Quest 2 will allow you to have fun – without the eye and face tracking features – at a lower cost, especially since it is on promotion with two games offered at the moment.

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