Offer for company Ita – Lufthansa and MSC jointly bid for Alitalia successor – News

  • The German airline Lufthansa has announced that it wants to take over the majority in the successor to the Italian Alitalia – together with the major Swiss shipping company MSC.
  • The two companies have made the Italian state an offer for the Ita company, as confirmed by Lufthansa. The bidding process ends on Monday evening.
  • The Italian state, which took over the traditional airline Alitalia in March 2020 and is still the owner of the successor Ita, wants to keep a minority stake after the sale.

The consortium of Lufthansa and the Swiss MSC is considered favoured. Italy’s Finance Minister Daniele Franco said a few days ago that the sale should be completed by the end of June.

It was initially unclear whether further bids were received. In addition to Lufthansa/MSC, the US aviation investor Indigo as well as Air France-KLM and the US giant Delta had delved into the Italian figures in the data room. The French are working with the financial investor Certares.


Ita started on October 15, 2021 as Alitalia’s successor, but with a significantly smaller fleet and fewer staff.


Lufthansa regards Italy as its most important foreign market in Europe. In Rome, CEO Carsten Spohr advertised the concept of his many hubs (multi-hub) and airline brands. The gradual takeover and integration of companies such as Austrian, Brussels Airlines and Swiss could become a model for Ita. Rome, like Zurich, could also remain an important air traffic hub.

Lufthansa is initially aiming for a minority stake, the CEO had said. Lufthansa could keep the financial risk of an Ita takeover within limits in association with the major shipping company MSC, but quickly integrate the new company into its operational systems.

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