Oh, by the way … – Who invented it?

“Krone Vorarlberg” columnist Harald Petermichl dealt with sensational news for the latest edition of “Oh, by the way …” and whether it is really that sensational.

It is advisable to always be skeptical as soon as you get wind of sensational or sensational innovations anywhere in the world. Because as a rule, on closer inspection, it turns out that it is a cold blend, because some Austrian invented the supposed novelty decades ago. With one exception, because a famous candy with a mixture of thirteen herbs was clearly invented by master baker Emil Richterich from Laufen in the Basel region, which is why it is also known as the “Richterich Compagnie Laufen”. Incidentally, the factory building of this company is the largest clay house in Europe and was designed by the Austrian (tell me!) Clay building pioneer Martin Rauch from Schlins, while Johan Carl Eliasch, CEO of a sporting goods manufacturer based in Amsterdam and Kennelbach, is not an Austrian FIS President this week the first FIS races could finally take place in the ski hall of the shopping center “Mall of the Emirates” in Dubai. Only in the “Entry League”, probably a counterpart to the Vorarlberg elite league in football, but at least. This is visionary because, provided that this path is consistently pursued, you will soon no longer be dependent on insecure cantonists such as weather or snow, but can indulge in outdoor sports in a safe environment before you go to the 30 degrees after the race But the roots are naturally in Austria, more precisely in Vienna, in the abandoned arrival hall of the Nordwestbahnhof, where the first ski hall was opened as early as 1927. Without the FIS races, but that’s because the Féderation only took alpine skiing under its wing in 1930 and by then the hall was closed again after only six months of operation The attraction was said to be firmly in the World Cup calendar today and, like the hall in Dubai, would fit perfectly with the plans of Mr Eliasch, who is known to be very concerned that the FIS should be climate-positive from 2022, i.e. compensate more CO2 than it emits . With the races in the adjoining room of the cooled-down shopping center, the first step has already been taken and the snow cannons will soon open in the Rembrandt Tower in Amsterdam as well as in the Kennelbacher Schindlersaal. Ski Heil!
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