OKwind increases its stake in the capital of the company Purecontrol – 05/30/2023 at 08:11

(AOF) – OKwind Group (specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of intelligent systems for the generation and management of renewable energy dedicated to self-consumption) announces the strengthening of its stake in the capital of the company Purecontrol, a specialist player in innovative management solutions for water management, industry and energy performance.

Faced with the structural increase in the cost of energy, the major players in the water-sanitation sector must rethink their energy consumption and management.

Since 2021 through a minority stake in the capital of Purecontrol and a collaboration contract, OKwind Group and Purecontrol have improved the performance of their offer dedicated to the water-sanitation sector, and accelerated its deployment via a co-branding approach.

The combination of energy generators from the OKwind Group and the artificial intelligence developed by Purecontrol makes it possible to reduce energy consumption by 10 to 20% and to cover energy needs by up to 70% for infrastructures linked to the water-sanitation sector.

OKwind Group has decided to strengthen this partnership, which is a real growth driver for the development of its self-consumption solutions, particularly in this sector.


An ecological transition that drives metal prices

The ecological transition is driving demand and driving up prices. Thus lithium prices jumped 100% last year, supported by sales of electric cars. The needs for metals such as aluminum, copper, graphite, or nickel should soar by 2050. The war in Ukraine has reinforced the rise in prices because Russia is a major producer of mineral raw materials , in particular aluminium, palladium, nickel and titanium. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently warned of the risk of a shortage of several metals necessary for the energy transition. Europe has mobilized on strategic metals with the aim of strengthening its sovereignty.

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