OLED switch falling in price: Nintendo’s hit console becomes a bargain

The OLED switch was really, really hard to come by for a few weeks just after it launched in October. However, the bottleneck of the Nintendo console has now been overcome, so prices are slowly falling. Thanks to a discount voucher, you can get the new Switch model on eBay for 319.49 euros. We’ll tell you how to do it.

OLED switch at a bargain price on eBay

Anyone who had not pre-ordered the Nintendo console when the OLED switch was launched had to be patient for quite a while – because the demand far exceeded the supply. Fortunately, these problems are now history. And not only that – the prices of the OLED switches are slowly moving down.

The best example is a current offer from Saturn on eBay. The electronics market offers the OLED switch in white there for 354.99 euros. That may not sound so cheap at first, but who also has the discount code LVLUP at the checkout, the console gets another 35.50 euros cheaper. The final price is then only 319.49 euros – there are no additional shipping costs (look at eBay).

Secure OLED switch on eBay
NINTENDO Switch (OLED model) White

NINTENDO Switch (OLED model) White

The price may be higher now. Price from 06/26/2022 19:39

A look at the price history of the white OLED model shows: The new Switch version is almost never that cheap. Around 320 euros for Nintendo’s flagship switch is a really attractive price for all fans.

Price history of the Nintendo OLED switch (white) at a glance. The strong downward outliers are pricing errors. (Image source: Idealo)

What did Nintendo change with the OLED model compared to the original? Our video summarizes the new features for you:

Nintendo Switch OLED model: better display, same performance

Many had hoped that Nintendo would not only give the Switch an OLED screen, but also equip the handheld console with more powerful hardware. However, this wish remains a dream. The same processor and the same amount of RAM are still at work in the new OLED switch.

Secure OLED switch on eBay

Nintendo has made improvements in other places. For example, the dock of the new switch offers a LAN port, the display of the console has grown from 6.2 to an impressive 7 inches compared to the original – and the kickstand is now significantly wider and therefore more stable than the plastic snippet of the original -Console. The speakers have also been improved.

A all-round successful upgrade, which is especially worthwhile for handheld fans. On the other hand, if you use your switch almost exclusively in the dock anyway, you can save yourself that for the OLED switch and prefer the cheaper model.

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