Oled TV: soon a third manufacturer of Oled panels for televisions?

Until last April, all manufacturers of Oled televisions were supplied by LG Display, then the only producer of Oled panels for TV. Samsung Display then entered the market, delivering its first QD-Oled panels. A third actor seems to be joining the dance: the Chinese BOE Display is about to offer 55-inch and larger Oled panels.

According to the economy supplement of the South Korean daily Chosun Ilbo, the Chinese manufacturer BOE Display is preparing to market Oled panels for televisions. Five sizes would be on the menu, with diagonals ranging from 55 inches (140 cm) to 95 inches (241 cm). If this information is confirmed, this would make BOE Display the third manufacturer of Oled panels for televisions behind LG Display, which supplies no less than 20 manufacturers, and Samsung Display, which is satisfied with two manufacturers (Sony and Samsung) with its recent panels. QD-Oled (see the test of the Sony Bravia XR-55A95K).

Full-scale production at BOE Display is reportedly planned for the end of the year at an 8th generation factory based in Hefei, China. BOE should be able to deliver 300,000 slabs per year, or around 5% of the production of Oled slabs in the world (6.52 million units were produced last year). In terms of technical characteristics, we can expect a rendering equivalent to those of LG Display’s Oled panels. Indeed, BOE Display presented its Oled panels for televisions during Display Week 2022 at the beginning of May. We could see prototypes displaying a peak brightness of around 800 cd / m², a brightness of 150 cd / m² in full screen, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a coverage of 99% of the DCI color space. -P3.

The arrival of this “third man” should help bring down the price of Oled televisions, the price of which is now regularly below €1,000 for a 55-inch model.

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