Oliver Pocher: After vacation with ex Alessandra it “banged at home”

Oliver Pocher
After the vacation with the ex there was a “huge argument”

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Oliver Pocher recently spent a surprising family vacation with his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden. Now he not only comments on the reasons, but also reveals how his current wife Amira reacted to it.

This sight surprised many fans: Oliver Pocher, 43, is vacationing with his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, 38, in Italy. The two are parents of twin sons Elian and Emanuel, 9, and daughter Nayla, 11. In an interview with RTL, the comedian explains the background of the family trip and reveals what the trip did to him at home.

Oliver Pocher: He spent time with ex Alessandra for his children

The fact that the offspring of the ex-couple live with their mum Alessandra in the USA means that a chance to meet is of course not missed. “I almost never really went on vacation. I went to visit my children, who were also here in Europe. Of course, I also spent a few days with the ex-wife,” explains the comedian. It goes without saying that he and his ex-wife pull themselves together on this occasion: “That’s how you do it”. The once tense relationship between Oliver and Alessandra now seems to be a thing of the past – certainly an advantage for their three children.

There was a big argument with Amira

After the former “Let’s Dance” participant returned from Italy, there is said to have been a violent argument with his wife Amira Pocher, 28. When asked what “god’s wife” Amira thought of the trip to her ex, Pocher replied: “We had a stress, folks.” But were the consequences of the vacation really that huge? His counterattack is more likely to be classified as obvious sarcasm. “It really made a bang at home. No stone was left unturned,” the father of five jokes.

Ultimately, he clears up the funny situation: His blended family understands something like that: “Many make a story out of it in order to get on TV, but no, it was well received”. The house blessing with Amira is still hanging – how nice that the patchwork life works so well that Olli is in the mood for jokes.

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