Oliver Pocher: Comedian heavily distributes against Laura Müller

Oliver Pocher
"Hohlbirne": Comedian clearly shows what he thinks of Laura Müller

Laura Müller (Wendler), Michael Wendler, Oliver Pocher, Amira Pocher

Laura Müller (Wendler), Michael Wendler, Oliver Pocher, Amira Pocher

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Oliver Pocher makes no secret of what he thinks of Michael Wendler and his wife Laura Müller. After it was once the turn of the pop singer, the comedian now takes on the influencer.

He can't stop. Comedian Oliver Pocher, 42, is once again tackling Wendler's wife Laura Müller, 20, on Instagram. The influencer is under fire. After the crude statements of her husband Michael, 48, Laura herself has moved to the center of the media. Oliver Pocher does not leave the young woman with good hair either.

In the podcast "The Pochers here!" Oliver Pocher, 42, and his wife Amira, 28, once speculated what impact Michael Wendler's corona jumble could have on the Schlager singer's relationship with Laura Müller. The comedian and the model were particularly concerned about Laura at the time. "Laura Mäuschen. Laura, please take his cell phone away from him. Or go out and find a new one!" Oli had advised the young woman in his Instagram livestream. Now the 42-year-old sees things a little differently.

Oliver Pocher considers Laura Müller to be "talentless"

In his "screen control" on Instagram, the comedian makes it clear what he really thinks about the influencer. "Your Laura did a miserable job", he turned to Michael Wendler in his story. The influencer could not do anything in Pocher's eyes. "Because she is simply a complete hollow pear. Talent-free without end," Oli ranted on.

Comedian awarded "Most Irrelevant Playboy Bunny" for Laura Müller

Not the first time that Oliver Pocher shoots Laura Müller so hard. The influencer has lost almost all collaborations. But Laura Müller was able to secure an extremely successful collaboration before the Wendler scandal – and that brought the men's magazine "Playboy" a circulation record.

This is exactly what Oliver Pocher had "awarded" Laura for – with his usual ironic undertone. In the last issue of "Pocher – dangerously honest!", Oliver and his wife looked back on 2020. The couple awarded prizes in this context. One of them went to Laura Müller – for the "most indifferent Playboy bunny".

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