Oliver Pocher: Comedian publishes a parody about Gil Ofarim

Oliver Pocher
Comedian releases parody of Gil Ofarim

Oliver Pocher has uploaded one of his dreaded parody videos.

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As usual arguably, Oliver Pocher has published a video with a current occasion: It revolves around the Gil Ofarim case.

The video of the allegedly anti-Semitic insulted Gil Ofarim (39), which he recorded in front of a hotel in Leipzig at the beginning of October, shocked Germany. In the meantime, however, the police are also evaluating surveillance recordings that allegedly raise “further questions about the Gil Ofarim case”. Regardless of the exact procedure in the hotel lobby, a man cannot avoid his opinion on it in parody form on Instagram to share: Oliver Pocher (43).

Like Ofarim, Pocher films himself in the clip and strokes his (much shorter) hair again and again: “Folks, something just happened to me, I want to share that with you,” he begins with a serious expression. “I’m sitting here at my house in front of the door and can’t get in, the door is closed.” This is due to his T-shirt, which says “Marvel” in large letters and identifies him as a superhero: “I’m just SHOCKED because I am DISCRIMINATED, EXCLUDED and ONLY reduced to my RELIGION and my STATUS as a SUPERHERO!”

It is important for him to talk about what has happened – “because I also have a current comedy program. I do everything: ‘Zervakis & Opdenhövel’, ‘Chez Krömer’, ‘Late Night Berlin’, and for me also ‘Studio Schmitt ‘if I have to – I really go everywhere. ” Pocher has been struggling with the situation in which he finds himself in the video all his life: “I am Jehovah’s Witness. I know what it means as a child to stand in front of doors and not come in.”

Repeat offender Pocher

It is not the first time that Pocher has used a social media video of a musician as an occasion for a bitter parody. Who would know better than American Michael Wendler (49), who was given a car by his “sweetheart” Laura Müller (21) at the beginning of 2020. Found food for Pocher, who shot the clip amazingly true to detail with his wife Amira. The subject of Gil Ofarim is, however, a far more serious one.

In his video, Ofarim described how he was allegedly banned from checking into the hotel. The reason for this was a chain with a Star of David, which he said he had to “pack away” in order to be served. Ofarim filed a complaint against the hotel employees involved and, in turn, is faced with a complaint of defamation.

Surveillance camera footage gives the impression that Ofarim may not have worn the necklace at all. Ofarim said about this matter in the meantime the “Bild” newspaper: “You can also see the star through the T-shirt. I was attacked as a Jew because I wear the star. I didn’t lie, I always wear the star. (…) I certainly don’t do that for PR -Great reasons. I don’t joke about such subjects. “


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