Oliver Pocher: In a new single he disses with Amira influencer

You can't help it: Oliver and Amira Pocher take the German influencers to their breasts again – this time with a song.

Entertainer Oliver Pocher (42) strikes again to hit influencers and "Like" collectors – but this time on the musical path. Together with his wife Amira (27), the 42-year-old published the rap single "Influenza".

Under their pseudonyms, street cobra and street cat, the refrain says, for example: "You are worse than the flu. Without a filter you look like ghosts. For a few likes, you jump out the window." And Amira adds in her text: "Hold your child in front of the cam for a few clicks."

Every cliché is rattled off

In the video for "Influenza", the Pochers present all the clichés that one would expect from Instagram influencers: From designer shirts to souped-up luxury cars, which of course are only borrowed.

The reactions in the comment column on YouTube are almost entirely positive. The listeners are obviously particularly impressed by Amira's rap skills: "Better than 99 percent of all German rappers," writes one user.

So that the song has a hand and foot, the new rappers have brought well-known support into the studio: DJ and producer Alex Christensen (53) provided the right sound.