Olivia Jones: “My partner should be able to tame Olivia and Oliver”

You have to have confidence and a sense of humor to win Olivia Jones’ heart. Here she reveals what is important to her in a partner.

Olivia Jones (51) is not a relationship person, as she tells in her autobiography “No make-up: My shrill double life” (Rowohlt). In it, however, she also writes that she wants a partner for life. In an interview with spot on news, the drag queen reveals what he has to bring and how Oliver Knöbel fared before there was Olivia Jones.

Just hit the headlines that you are looking for a man for drag queen Vanity Trash. Have you already been successful?

Olivia Jones: There are quite a few applicants. It is not that easy for a drag queen to find a partner. I know that from myself. You get two people for the price of one, not just Vanity, but also Kevin, not just Olivia, but also Oliver. This is a great challenge for many partners.

In “No make-up” you write that you are not in a relationship, but also that you want a partner for life. What should he bring with him?

Olivia Jones: My partner should be able to tame Olivia and Oliver. He has to be very confident to beat Olivia. And he has to have a sense of humor. This is the most important thing in my life. Anyone who does not manage their life with a sense of humor has no place at my side. And I don’t need a couch potato either. I am very active, like to exercise, do a lot of sport. The partner should be able to keep up with that. But actually I don’t have time for a relationship at all. Basically, Oliver is married to Olivia and even has his own blended family. The shrillest in Germany. The Olivia Jones Family. We are, so to speak, the Kellys from the Kiez with burlesque dancers, drag queens and cult koberers.

When you went to Hamburg to become a travesty artist – and not an insurance salesman – you broke up with your family. How is the relationship today?

Olivia Jones: Today the relationship with my mother is great again. We even go on vacation together regularly. Back then it was very difficult and hurtful for me. She was openly ashamed of me and showed that too. It is difficult for a young person when he has so much headwind, at school, in the family. That’s why I had to learn very early on to use the headwind as a tailwind, to follow my heart and to believe in myself.

Today I understand how difficult it was for my family, especially for my mother, who herself was attacked by friends or the parents of my classmates. She had to hear that there was something wrong with her upbringing with a child like that. Now it is clearer to me why they did not support me, they were afraid and thought that I could never make a living from performing as a travesty artist and that I would get on the wrong track. In retrospect, I understand these thoughts.

In Hamburg you actually had to struggle with existential worries and bullying.

Olivia Jones: A lot of people clearly saw me as a competitor and tried to put obstacles in my way. But that really spurred me on. I’ve been used to headwinds, exclusion and bullying all my life, I don’t know anything else. I’ve got myself a big tank. And we’re trying to send another signal with the Olivia Jones family, namely that we can get much further together.

We even go to schools or congresses for the “Olivia goes to school” project and, with the support of major sponsors such as Nivea or Rossmann, give tutoring in tolerance, diversity and respect. We vaccinate children against hatred and exclusion. First and foremost our Olivia Jones family ambassador Veuve Noire. That makes me very proud, because my goal has always been that others have an easier time than I did in my time.

You also write about your surgical interventions, including how painful it was to have your legs shortened. Do you have any further plans in this area?

Olivia Jones: First of all, I think it’s very important that you stand by it. Anything else would be silly, especially in the entertainment business, basically everyone does that. And many deny it anyway. But you really have to be careful with the dosage during the interventions, otherwise it will quickly become an addiction and at some point you will look like a Barbie doll bad squeeze. You have to keep realizing that these are major interventions. I haven’t planned anything at the moment, but if something drops or sags, I try to get it back on track.

Have you already done your nose job?

Olivia Jones: I felt like Michael Jackson for arms when my nose surgeon called and said he saw a picture of me and my nose sagged. I actually still have to have that done, I’m still putting it off before me. But at least it’s free …

After so many years, does running in high heeled shoes have any effects?

Olivia Jones: Yes, extreme effects. I’ve already called my friend Barbara Schöneberger and asked her how she does it in the long programs. She also moderates a lot of shows where you stand and walk more than you sit. And she said to me that since she weighs a little less, it’s easier. But I always have problems and blisters on my feet. It is nice in TV programs when I can sit, then I wear very high shoes. After three or four hours, however, it becomes generally difficult. But well, whoever wants to be beautiful has to suffer. I only wish that the men would have to wear such uncomfortable shoes at some point.

After you became really successful in Hamburg, you suffered burnout and went into therapy. How do you still benefit from this today?

Olivia Jones: I always try to optimize myself by reading a lot or doing relaxation therapies and mindfulness training. For me it is very important to live in the moment, not in the past or the future. But the most important thing I’ve learned is to take time out and recharge my batteries. The body needs that. You have to be strict with yourself and turn off your cell phone and not hang around in front of the TV.

We have been living in the corona pandemic for a year. What about your neighborhood tours and the shops?

Olivia Jones: We will get away with two blue eyes and are happy that there is now a bit of light at the end of the tunnel through vaccination and model projects. We don’t quarrel with the situation, we look to the future. We work on our shows, on the costumes, renovate the shops and wait for what the experts say: that at some point there will be an explosion of joie de vivre. We will of course light the fuse immediately and be right at the front. We are looking forward to this day. We also went online. We bring our Kiez feeling into the living room to people who cannot visit us and who now have the ceiling on their heads at home. With our lockdown livestream “The DRAG Attack” on Twitch. The project is so successful that our Olivia Jones Family Ambassador Veuve Noire will continue to do so after the pandemic. The whole Olivia Jones family is committed. Our “Bunny Burlesque” star Eve Champagne, for example, helps in the vaccination center, Lex Dildo, who usually throws our “Porn Karaoke Bar”, drives food to the needy for the table or performs with Vanity Trash in old people’s homes. In this way, we give a lot back and don’t fall into a pandemic depression.

You admire Angela Merkel. How do you rate your leadership in the pandemic?

Olivia Jones: I really don’t want to be in your skin – with all these prime ministers, who are often not so much concerned with the situation as their election campaign, also with regard to the chancellorship. I think it is very difficult at the moment, but I am glad that we live in a democracy, that there are diverse opinions and that there are discussions. Nevertheless, I don’t understand why so many people are forgotten, especially artists and the whole entertainment sector.

And I also don’t understand why outdoor catering cannot slowly open under certain conditions and why open-air city tours are allowed to start again. You have to slowly make sure that people can go outside and not meet inside. The less we allow outside in public space, the more takes place inside privately locked doors. And that is demonstrably one of the main drivers of the pandemic. The gastronomy has implemented so much, we have also done so much in terms of the hygiene concept and noticed that it works. And people need to be able to have a coffee somewhere, at least outside.

It’s time to relax. In any case, we will be ready to go from May with new shows and proven concepts and are looking forward to the predicted explosion of joie de vivre. That gives a huge bang and the Olivia Jones family is at the forefront of St. Pauli. And so that you don’t get bored until then: The best thing to do is to pre-order anticipation with a rebooking guarantee, follow us on Twitch online or read “Olivia Jones Ungeschminkt”: With unpublished pictures, little scandals, a lot to laugh about, something for the heart and a lot Schluder lining.