Olivier Duhamel case: Julien Kouchner comes out of silence after the accusations: Current Woman The MAG

Camille Kouchner had the courage to speak. After 30 years of silence, the daughter of Bernard Kouchner and Evelyne Pisier took up her pen to tell, in a book entitled La Familia Grande, the abuse that his father-in-law, the political scientist Olivier Duhamel would have inflicted on his twin (nicknamed "Victor" in the text, to ensure his anonymity). At the release of the book published at Seuil on Thursday January 7, 2021, Camille Kouchner was able to count on the support of her half-brother Alexandre (son of Bernard Kouchner and journalist Christine Ockrent): "I love my brothers and my sister. I salute their courage and support their choice to break the silence. We must always listen, hear and protect those who have suffered and suffer. For everything else, I refer you to the book . May all the executioners tremble ", he wrote on Twitter Monday, January 4, 2021.

Now it's Julien Kouchner's turn, the older brother of Victor and Camille Kouchner, to come out of silence. The 50-year-old publisher has agreed to speak to the columns of the Point Thursday, January 14, 2021, in particular to return to the conflicting relationship between her mother, law professor Evelyne Pisier, and her aunt, actress Marie-France Pisier. The two women, once very close, were torn when Victor Kouchner disclosed everything. "My aunt was completely upset. She called on Evelyne to leave her husband. But my mother chose to protect Olivier, and it was absolutely unbearable for his sister. Marie-France has spent nearly a year trying to bring her to her senses. Then she decided to distance herself"Julien Kouchner explained in the columns of the news magazine.

Marie-France Pisier did everything to help "Victor"

"My aunt had a very simple, very clear attitude", he clarified before remembering: "To anyone who asked her why she didn't see her sister anymore, or why she was just sad, she was telling the truth. That's part of why so many people have known." She was not the only one: Bernard Kouchner and Christine Ockrent also spoke a lot about this affair in their entourage and tried to ruin the reputation of Olivier Duhamel, as explained the great reporter Raphaelle Bacqué on the tray of C to you, Thursday, January 14, 2021. However, it was not until the release of the book that Olivier Duhamel put an end to his functions on LCI and Europe 1.

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