Olivier Duhamel: how Jacques Chirac helped him adopt with his wife Evelyne Pisier: Current Woman The MAG


The two men experienced the same fight. In La Familia Grande, whose release is scheduled for January 7, 2021, Camille Kouchner, the daughter of former minister Bernard Kouchner, accuses the constitutionalist Olivier Duhamel of having sexually assaulted one of his brothers on several occasions when he was only thirteen years old. In this work to be published by Editions du Seuil, the forty-five-year-old lawyer evokes the nocturnal meetings of her father-in-law in her brother's room, who would have made her promise not to say anything. After being put in the confidence, Camille Kouchner would have waited thirty years in the end to bring the truth to light. Olivier Duhamel, married to Evelyne Pisier for many years, therefore raised the children of Bernard Kouchner and even enlarged the family by adopting two children Chileans in 1989.

"My stepfather does not back down from the pistons. He calls Chirac to the rescue"

As she says in La Familia Grande, Camille Kouchner did not expect to have a new brother and a new sister: "In Sanary, we also vote for adoption. This time, it's my stepfather who wants a child. My mother is forty-five years old," can we read. This is how Bernard Kouchner's ex-wife and her husband Olivier Duhamel are doing everything possible to go to Chile and adopt the new members of their family. Problem: the couple must be married to initiate such a process. They therefore decide to get married in extremis: "An express wedding is organized". On their return, the young spouses begin to find the time long. Administration is taking too long.

It was then that the political scientist and former president of the National Foundation for Political Science had an idea. He grabs his phone and calls for help: "My stepfather does not back down from the pistons. He calls Chirac to the rescue. Disturbing interpersonal skills. I am taken aback. 'Chirac? You understand later. Come have a laugh! ' Effectiveness of the right: the approval of the DDASS is given. Carmen goes to look for a baby ", can we read on page 72 of La Familia Grande. A forced adoption that will allow the couple to welcome a second daughter, Dawn, in 1987 and a boy, Simon, adopted two years later.

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