Olympia Tokyo: These Swiss women have a chance of Olympic gold

Emanuel Gisi and Sebastian Rieder from Tokyo

There should be seven medals or more for Switzerland at the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo. At least as many as five years ago in Rio. If there are more? Always bring it on!

But how many of them will be made of gold? One thing is certain: It is high time the Swiss women finally hit it right. Only four Swiss women have ever won a gold medal in the history of the Summer Games: Nicola Spirig (triathlon, 2012), Brigitte McMahon (triathlon, 2000), Christine Stückelberger (dressage riding, 1976) and Hélène de Pourtalès (1900, sailing). The good news: There is no shortage of gold candidates in the 115-strong Swiss delegation. Blick presents the most promising ones: