Olympic Games Paris 2024: everything you need to know about “Aux Jeux Citoyens!”, the France Télévisions program with Olympic champions

The name of the France TV program for the Olympic Games was unveiled on Tuesday June 6, 2023 during a press conference. France Télévisions did not wish to communicate precisely on its programming. But, in all likelihood, it will arrive on the air on France 3 in early July. It will be Monday to Friday at 8:20 p.m. And this until the start of the Olympic Games, in July 2024.

A show not just for sports fans

It will last 26 minutes. Objective: to increase the pressure one year before the start of the Olympic Games and to offer a daily countdown. And beware, it will not be a sports program for purists, but a program accessible to all! This is what its presenter Carole Gaessler explains on Europe 1: “It’s more than sport. You shouldn’t expect me on the field of pure sport, because that’s not going to be my role. My role , precisely, it’s to stay who I am, that is to say curious about a universe that I don’t know. So I’m going to try to explore it. It’s also for sports fans, it’s to say that we will be credible. And Alex Boyon, one of the sports figures of France Télévisions, will be this credibility, just like our consultants, former champions. But above all, I want to address all those who do not follow sport “

Théo Curin will have his own section

Among these “former champion consultants” that she has just mentioned, and who will be on set with her, Stéphane Diagana, Laura Manaudou, Mari-José Perec, or Théo Curin. The disabled swimmer will also have his own section, every Friday. She will be called Theo the taxi. “The idea, in fact, is to take with me, in my little electric car, a sporty or sportsman and take him to where he wants to go, quite simply. We’re not talking about the clock, We don’t talk about results, we just talk about their life, quite simply. And then we do everything we can do in the car, that is to say, sing, laugh, play little games. I stop at the side of the road or in a parking lot to play games with them. The main goal is to have fun and see the athletes as we rarely see them”, explains Théo Curin in Culture Media. This program called At Citizen Games will therefore be to be discovered very soon on France 3.

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