Omar Sy accused of racism? He replied by offering the film "Doudou": Femme Actuelle The MAG

Omar Sy would never have thought that his parody video would divide the Web so much. November 2020, the actor yet very appreciated by the French shared on his social networks a cover of Teddy, Aya Nakamura's song. The 42-year-old comedian came out of the closet the character who made him known to Fred Testot in the Emissions service, aired in the 2000s. What seemed like a joke did not please many Internet users, who accused the actor of racism internationally renowned. Moreover Omar Sy had explained in the magazine Technikart on December 22, 2020 that he ignored these remarks : "If I had listened to and taken personally all the racist remarks and things that I have heard since I was born, I wouldn't be here doing this interview."

Omar Sy, a limitless character?

Guest, Saturday January 9, 2021 in 50 'Inside, as part of the promotion of Lupine, series broadcast on Netflix where he plays a hero inspired by Arsène Lupine, the latter returned with a lot of humor to the controversy aroused by his resumption of Teddy. In this interview, Omar Sy was not formalized by the divided reactions of Internet users. After bursting out laughing, he said, half hilariously: "I am accused of racism … It's funny. It makes me want to do other dirty things. I almost want to make a Doudou film for once. Do something on Instagram if that's what caused it, I'll do it for 1h30, so we'll have a good time " .

Knowing the character that is the former comic of Canal +, it makes you wonder if he will really carry out this crazy project. When the journalist asks him to close the interview, what are his plans for the next few months, he replied: "A film by Doudou: Doudou, the film. And maybe even a sequel, I don't know, we'll see … Doudou strikes back". So a simple joke or a real idea? The mystery should be resolved quickly …

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