Omar Sy reveals their daughter's face for the first time

Usually quite discreet about their family life, Hélène and Omar Sy have unveiled rare photos of their eldest daughter, Selly, on the occasion of her 20th birthday.

Parents of five children, the couple have chosen to preserve the identity of their toddlers. But on the twentieth birthday of their daughter, Selly, born on the same day as Omar who was blowing out her 43rd birthday, the couple made a small exception.

On their respective Instagram accounts, Hélène and Omar Sy unveiled rare pictures of their eldest daughter: Selly baby, in her father's arms, pouting or even, at her graduation, wearing a hat typical of American high schools.
"Twenty years ago today, you came into the world on your return from a family birthday party for your dad, who was then turning 23. You were obviously the best birthday present for him. one day he could receive, and for us 2, the happiness of becoming parents for the first time ", wrote Hélène Sy, on Wednesday January 20, 2021.

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born 20/01/1978


The “Lupine” actor posted a more intimate picture between father and daughter. “Thank you for all the birthday wishes to my baby and me today. I feel so grateful and proud ", he wrote.

A need for anonymity

In 2016, Omar Sy became the favorite personality of the French, after the global success of Untouchables, released in 2014. A notoriety on which he returned in the show “Au tableau” on C8, by evoking the reasons for his departure in California. "Yes, I am recognized, but as the father of my children. Tidiane's father for example, my son. It is true that after the release of Untouchables, when I went to school and that we started to say 'this is Omar's son', I was scared. This is one of the reasons that led me to move elsewhere ", he explained. "That is to say, for my son, school is his place, he can grow up there, it is his zone. But I don't want to encroach on his life. The fact that it is reversed, it scared me for him and his way of growing up. " In California, the actor has regained his balance. "As soon as I'm there, I drive him in the morning and I go to pick him up in the evening, and these are the times that I prefer (…) We say things to each other in the car that we wouldn't say to each other not at home", he confessed. "When I'm not an actor, I am my children's taxi and I love it!", he confided.

We hope that his new role in the Netflix series “Lupine” will not interfere with this tranquility. As a reminder, Netflix predicts that 70 million households will have seen the series within a few weeks.


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