Omid Scobie’s “Endgame”: Royal racist exposed – sales stopped in Holland

Omid Scobie’s “Endgame”
Royal racist exposed – sales stopped in Holland

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Sales of Omid Scobie’s (42) controversial tell-all book about the British royal family have been stopped in the Netherlands. As several media outlets unanimously report, the Dutch edition of “Endgame” is said to have revealed which member of the Royal Family expressed concerns about the skin color of Prince Harry (39) and Duchess Meghan’s (42) son Archie (4) before his birth .

No name in the original version

Apparently a page from a review copy of the book sent to Dutch journalists revealed the identity of the alleged royal racist. The publishing house Xander, which is the publisher of the Dutch translation, has confirmed, according to The Sunto have taken the book “temporarily out of sale”. The error is currently being “fixed”. It is still unclear why the name of the royal family member was only mentioned in the Dutch version.

Omid Scobie deliberately did not put the original version of the name on paper because doing so would violate libel laws. But what he claims in “Endgame” is that Meghan accused not just one, but two people at court of racist comments.

The Oprah interview is the subject of “Endgame”

As a reminder: In March 2021, Harry and Meghan claimed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey (69) that a member of the royal family had expressed concerns about his skin color before the birth of their son Archie (4). How this was handled was another scandal: Since then, no one except the current King Charles III has been told to speak out against them. (75) addressed the topic. “The silence has caused great confusion and upset,” Scobie quoted a source close to the Sussexes as saying.

In addition to the racism scandal, “Endgame,” which was released on November 28th, is about the alleged power struggle between King Charles III. and Prince William (41), but also about William’s quarrel with brother Harry. The “frosty” relationship between Kate (41) and Meghan is also discussed in the book. Another point is Charles’ relationship with his disgraced brother Prince Andrew (63). Charles in particular doesn’t come off particularly well in “Endgame.”


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