Omikron – Too many Bim drivers sick: Timetable thinned out

Omikron doesn’t just affect Berlin’s local transport. The Wiener Linien also have increased sickness-related absences. Therefore, the “holiday timetable” applies to several tram routes from January 31st.

“We are currently experiencing a decline of 30 percent in passengers, but also a slight increase in sick leave due to the omicron wave,” said a Wiener Linien spokeswoman for “Krone”. Starting next week, the intervals will therefore be adjusted on eight tram lines. On lines 33, 10, 5, 37, 1, 42, 44, 52, the holiday timetable will therefore be brought forward with extended intervals from Monday, i.e. a week before the semester break. “In the early rush hour between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., there is a slight increase in the intervals on the lines mentioned. With these measures, we can better cover any further staff shortages, maintain a nationwide offer and keep waiting times for our passengers to a minimum,” it says. The remaining tram lines and all subway and bus lines are not affected by the changes . Vienna is still quite well served with this. In the German capital Berlin, so many public transport employees are currently ill that around one in 20 trips is cancelled. On several subway routes, the trains only run every ten minutes. Back to Wiener Linien: “Omikron presents us with major challenges, but we are well prepared. As part of the critical infrastructure, we monitor developments very closely and are constantly expanding our comprehensive prevention concept,” says the transport company.
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