On Bergstrasse – Mercedes-Raser (55) stopped at 160 instead of 80 km / h

Lawn in neighboring Switzerland – an “extremely expensive” affair. Even more: Under certain circumstances, the speed booby threatens to imprisonment. A 55-year-old Mercedes driver, who was still 75 km / h too fast even after deducting the tolerance, is likely to get around that.

On Monday afternoon, the Appenzell Ausserhoden canton police carried out a speed control on the mountainous Ausserort route between Urnäsch and Schwägalp.

During the control period, 16 drivers passed the measuring point – which had a limit of 80 km / h – at excessive speed, 13 of them got away with fines, two drivers received a (expensive) report.

The bird was shot by a 55-year-old driver of a high-powered Mercedes: He passed the measuring point at a speed of 160 km / h. He exceeded the maximum speed after deduction of the tolerance by 75 km / h. However, the Swiss police managed to stop and question the “amateur racing driver”.

What he gave the officials as an explanation is not known. What is fixed, however, is that he had to hand in his driver’s license on the spot and that he was reported to the Appenzell Ausrhoden public prosecutor’s office.

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