On the beaches of Long Island, the presence of sharks does not cool all swimmers

Alexis Guilleux (in New York), edited by Laura Laplaud

In the United States, the summer season on the coast of Long Island, near New York, is marked by an increase in incidents involving sharks. Half a dozen bites in a few weeks but no serious accidents. The concern does not win over surfers and swimmers, but the situation forces the authorities to strengthen security.

Sharks threaten the tranquility of swimmers and surfers in the United States. Half a dozen bites have been recorded in a few weeks on the coast of Long Island, but no serious accident is to be deplored. The authorities are therefore strengthening security on Rockaway beach near New York.

More lifeguards on the beaches

30 degrees on the sand, 24 degrees in the water, if the beach is crowded, Amber admits that due to recent incidents she is a little more careful before entering the ocean. “I checked before coming here to see if there had been any recent shark sightings. But I feel safe here. I think they would tell us if we weren’t to be there,” notes- she.

The number of supervisors has been reinforced and drones scan the 200 kilometers of coastline of Long Island. During July, Rockaway Beach was closed twice because sharks were seen.

Water quality attracts fish

Nigel rents surf gear a stone’s throw from here. “There are a little less customers but I think surfers, especially locals, know that when they are in the water there are probably things under the surface that are much bigger than them,” smiles -he.

Several species breed off Long Island such as the white shark, the tiger shark or the bull shark. Attacks are often due to young animals. But nothing to worry about James, who begins his surf session. “It’s ok, I’ve been surfing for seven years and I’ve always seen sharks. I’ve seen baby sharks in the summer but there are also whales and dolphins, I don’t think that scares who whether it’s to go in the water”, he judges.

For many scientists, these incidents above all testify to the good ecosystem of the region. The quality of the water attracts fish and therefore predators.

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