On the “Grey’s Anatomy” set: Ellen Pompeo poisoned this world star

On the “Grey’s Anatomy” set
Ellen Pompeo poisoned this world star

Ellen Pompeo got involved with Denzel Washington.

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Ellen Pompeo didn’t like guest director Denzel Washington on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. What happened?

It has already come to light several times that things are not always harmonious on the set of the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy”. Now leading actress Ellen Pompeo (51) has reported a violent argument that broke out there because of a difference of opinion between her and an absolute world star: Denzel Washington (66). Pompeo has that now in her podcast “Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo” betrayed her guest Patrick Dempsey (55).

The two-time Oscar winner directed a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode in 2016. When Pompeo was dissatisfied with the performance of an unnamed co-star during the shooting and gave him instructions, Washington put them in the north with the words: “I’m the director. Don’t tell him what to do.” She didn’t want to let that sit on her and replied: “Listen to me, bastard, this is my show! This is my set! Who are you telling what? You hardly know where the toilet is.” She even complained to Washington’s wife and announced that she no longer wanted to speak to him.

She receives criticism

Pompeo’s description of the dispute and the fact that she does not question her own behavior does not go down particularly well. There are numerous voices on the net who accuse their diva-like behavior. “Ellen Pompeo: Do ​​you actually know who I am? We: A white woman in America,” writes a Twitter user. Another posted a clip a supposedly hysterical woman with a fictional dialogue: “Denzel Washington: Ellen, could you take a little step to the left? Ellen Pompeo: Do ​​you know who the fuck I am? This is my set!”

According to Pompeo, the thick air between Washington and her didn’t last long. “He thought that was okay?” Dempsey asks on the podcast. “Yes, absolutely. […] We made up again and he’s the best. “The irony of fate: Just recently, the news got around that Dempsey had literally” terrorized “the set of the TV show and all the employees there.


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