On the last day of school – Graz mosque becomes a corona vaccination center

In Graz, a mosque briefly became a corona vaccination center on Friday. The state of Styria and the state capital offered vaccinations against Covid-19 from 12 noon in the Islamic Cultural Center in Laubgasse in the Gries district. This vaccination campaign was open to all Styrians who registered for it. However, it was primarily aimed at people with a migration background.

For the vaccination campaign, which is aimed primarily at people with a migration background, there is a quota of around 350 doses of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which only requires one vaccination and which is approved for people over the age of 18. All registered people will be vaccinated while stocks last.

The offer is intended to target communities with a migration background, said City Councilor for Health Robert Krotzer (KPÖ). Above all there are fears and a need for information. For example, at meetings in mosque associations, the concern was expressed several times that the Covid vaccination would make you sterile.

City council: date chosen deliberately
Because the increased travel activities in the summer holidays bring with them the risk of someone returning to Austria with the virus, the date on Friday – the last day of school in Styria – was chosen deliberately, according to City Councilor Krotzer.

The vaccination campaign in the mosque was the start of a series of special vaccination campaigns planned throughout Styria in the summer.