On the other side of the ring road on M6: the sequel with Omar Sy is available in streaming!

To find the shock duo Ousmane and François after “On the other side of the ring road”, discover the rest, still with Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte, available in streaming.

The meeting between Omar Sy and Laurent Laffite on the screen was necessarily destined for success. In December 2012, the action comedy On the other side of the ring road by David Charhon was released in cinemas and created a surprise. In total, the film attracted more than two million admissions. It must be said that his star duo has something to seduce the spectators.

Broadcast this Thursday, June 16 on M6, the “buddy movie” had a belated sequel – ten years later! Entitled Far from the ring road, the second part entered the Netflix catalog last May. Omar Sy and Laurent Laffite return to service, alongside new characters, but the recipe is very different. The laughter is still present, but the action is crazier and more ambitious.

At the controls of this opus, we find Louis Leterrier, an expert in the spectacular who has especially distinguished himself across the Atlantic in major projects, such as The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans or Elusive.

In this new film, François and Ousmane must once again team up in spite of themselves. Their new investigation will lead them to a small town in the Alps to discover the schemes of a threatening party leader. far from the ring road goes to the end of its objective of pure entertainment to offer viewers an explosive and uninhibited film that does not seek to be in lace.

far from the ring road is available on Netflix.

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